5 Gadgets to Keep Your Portable Office Running


Many of us depend on our computers and smartphones to get work done nowadays, and it’s safe to say that no matter the industry you’re in, you probably use technology on a daily basis. If your entire job is, in fact, to work from a computer whether you are in digital marketing, software development, or if you’re an entrepreneur, there is no denying that your entire day revolves around using technology. Now, there is also no denying that technology allows you to work on the go or better yet, to work in a thriving coworking space where you can network with your peers and build meaningful relationships, but what happens when you have to travel or have back-to-back meetings all over town?

Sometimes, you will have to meet your clients at their location or in a cozy coffee shop, you will have to meet up with prospects in person, and you will have to give your partners a visit in their offices to start work on new and exciting projects. When you find yourself running all over town, you have to make sure that your tech doesn’t fail you. Here to help you stay productive and sane throughout the day are the five gadgets you need at your side. 

Turn your car into a functional workspace

Some people refuse to get a car for a number of reasons, and while you could bike your way to every meeting or ride carelessly on one of those electric scooters, chances are that you’re going to ruin your suit doing so and that you won’t be able to carry everything with you. That’s why, among other reasons, it pays to take the company car instead. But when you do, you have to make sure that the car is fully-optimized for you and your needs.

Now, if there is anything that perspectives from the millennial generation of employees has taught us, it’s that a car needs to be functional and that it needs to be as eco-friendly as possible. Provided that you are driving a green vehicle, you can go ahead and install a modular car desk that can fit your laptop and handheld gadgets, folders, pens, and everything else you might need to work from your car or prep for a meeting. 

Stay connected wherever you go

As a millennial working on the go, you have to stay connected to the internet at all times in order to communicate with clients, partners, employees, and simply maintain productivity throughout the day. Sometimes, this can be difficult when you’re out of the office for the majority of the day, especially if your data plan is not that great.

This is why getting a wireless travel router that will act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is a good investment, as it will make sure that you stay connected wherever you are, especially if you’re venturing outside of town where the connection might not be that great. You might have many useful tools on your iPhone, but if you’re not able to access the web, you’re pretty much dead in the water, so be sure to get one of these nifty gadgets.

Make sure your devices are topped-off

Speaking of nifty gadgets that can mean the difference between staying online and being in the dark, another crucial piece of tech you need is the portable charger. Also known as an external battery or a power bank, something like a powerful mini power bank can do wonders for your productivity throughout the day simply by keeping all of your devices topped-off. 

In fact, if you opt for a power bank with a sizable power capacity, you can easily recharge all of your devices several times over, which is great if you know you’ll be nowhere near a power outlet for some time. When choosing an external battery, be sure to get one of the newer models that boast a sleek, minimalist design so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your briefcase.  

Leverage virtual assistants

Virtual assistants on your laptop or smartphone might not be gadgets per se, but they are nevertheless invaluable for maintaining productivity on the go. Whether Alexa is riding shotgun or if you’re relying on Siri for your every need, make sure to leverage artificial intelligence and IoT applications to manage your calendar and schedule, set reminders and create notes quickly, make calls and compose emails on the go, and do every other task while still making it to every meeting. Multitasking – it’s not difficult when you know how to utilize virtual assistants.

Stay caffeinated throughout the day

Last but not least, you don’t want to run out of energy halfway through your fifth meeting, or even worse, dose off while you’re driving to your next appointment. Make sure to stay energized and productive by rustling up a hot cup of joe anywhere and anytime with a portable coffeemaker. Nowadays, you can find single-serve coffeemakers that double as travel mugs so you can have a fresh cup of steaming java on a moment’s notice, so be sure to grab one of these to keep your energy levels high as you’re running to your next meeting. 

Wrapping up

Being a millennial business leader means using technology throughout the day, working in a thriving coworking space, and always networking in and out of the office to capitalize on new opportunities. When you find yourself having back-to-back meetings all over town, make sure to have these gadgets with you to stay productive until the job gets done.