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This is a guide for the guest bloggers that are interested in contributing to the Magazine with their knowledge and expertise.

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What is Seats2meet Magazine?

Seats2meet Magazine is a collaborative platform that gives experts the stage to share their articles on the following topics:

Entrepreneurship, Sharing Economy, Technology, Trends in Coworking Industry, Sustainability, Future of Work, Lifestyle.

If you would like to contribute to our magazine and share your vision and expertise, this guide is for you. These four easy steps will help you finding your way in our magazine, and make your first post perfect!

Step 1

You can register as a Magazine Contributor following the link STORIES. You will receive an activation email from WordPress (check your spam folder, it often ends up there).

Step 2

Pimp your profile. Be sure to visit your profile section in the wordpress environment, and complete it. You can edit your profile by clicking on your profile image on the top right of after you are logged in.

  • Please add your profile image
  • Please fill in your biographical profile
  • If you like you can add your website and social accounts, so your readers can connect to you.

Step 3

You can now write your post!

  • At least 200 words (there is no max)
  • A title with max of 70 characters 
  • Featured high-quality picture of minimum 780 x 300 px
  • The article can be either in English or Dutch
  • At least 3 relevant tags (this way AI-based Mechanism of Seats2meet Passport matches content to the relevant users).

Please make sure your images aren’t protected from (re)posting! Make sure there is no copyright on the image.

The article has to be informative and beneficial to our Seats2meet Users. It can, of course, contain your opinion and references to personal experiences, but we reserve a right to edit it and not publish in case it is biased or does not suit the overall style. Feel free to browse through the magazine to find great examples. And in case you need some help, we can always help you to define the direction and edit your post! Just reach out to us on

Step 4

Submit for review: We will now review the post, and approve it or send back the draft. Good luck, and many thanks for helping us create a great magazine! If you have any questions please ask! Use