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Tools for Society 3.0

imac-person_20150202_145401FLOOWN: Create teams & always know who’s available
Working together starts with availability, but things often get messy when schedules need to be aligned. Figuring out who’s available when simply takes too much time and trouble. Floown gets to the heart of this problem. Set up your team(s) instantly, add whoever you want, use the smart filter to see who can work when and book them directly.

pricing-mindsetPART-UP: Your flexible workforce
Part-up gets you your best team for the job. Just share your dream or talent and we’ll help you find the right team! You are free to choose what you work on and with whom!

iDZe7JEQMUNCH TOGETHER: Closer to home
Founded in 2015 to build a world where we can all be at home, for a moment, a meal, a lifetime. A world where we are part of the same human family and where this exquisite planet of ours is home, for all of us to belong. And so it is, with the biggest smile we say… Welcome home.


A reputation and social verification tool for P2P marketplaces and sharing economy businesses


The werkvereniging works as an independent platform promoting meet ups and conversations with governmental entities to defend the interests of modern workers.

Your friends are your best backup. Common Easy is a smart tool to make a backup out of your network. Back to the core, but with the convenience of the online world. Here you save together to be able to help each other. And if nothing happens? Then the money just remains yours! At CommonEasy, security is social, smart and flexible. So that it always works to your advantage!

 is a knowledge sharing platform for the Dutch Railway industry. is one of the proud knowledge sharing partners.

Share the abundance from your kitchen with your neighbors. Thuisafgehaald is a platform where you can share your leftovers with your neighbors, or get take out next door.

SNAPPCAR Share your car with your neighbors and help Snappcar’s goal to decrease the number of cars in Europe.

SPNDL SPNDL is a collective of innovation-oriented companies. Together we work every day on what we stand for: creating innovation and sustainable impact in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, and organization. We believe serious business always goes hand in hand with doing good.


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