7 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Perfect for Young Entrepreneurs


The way we work has dramatically changed during a course of only a couple of years. Nowadays, it’s not rare to come across a self-employed millennial entrepreneur – it’s actually becoming the norm!

However, even though technology and globalization allowed many professions to work from home or in a one-person office, many people still choose to work in a coworking space. This mostly applies to freelancers and small agencies.

In this article, we’re bringing you the top reasons why coworking spaces are the dream job location for any young entrepreneur!

Coworking Spaces Offer Flexibility and Independence

If you don’t want to give up the freedom and flexibility that you have as a remote worker, with coworking, you won’t have to.

You can take up all your daily tasks and obligations when and where you wish – and there’s no one who will monitor you or judge you. If you’re a night bird who wants to start their work at 2 AM, you can do that in a coworking space.

According to an article from the NY Times, millennials strive for flexibility and independence in how, when and where they do their work. This is why coworking is one of the best (and only) alternatives to working from home.

Coworking Can Boost Your Motivation

For many people, self-motivation can be quite hard. Without being surrounded by people who work and instead of staying at home surrounded by social media, entertainment, and distractions, it will be much harder to keep your focus.

When you meet other ambitious young entrepreneurs, your motivation will increase as well. Inspiration and motivation are contagious, and there’s no better place of picking them up than a coworking space.

It’s Great for Networking

Even though we have radically shifted the way we perceive work, an aspect that has remained completely unchanged even from the earliest days of company work is the importance of networking.

“I’ve met tons of smart, ambitious, driven entrepreneurs while I was working from a coworking space in New York. The energy in these places is simply incomparable! It’s like you walked into a conference full of avid learners, dreamers, and go-getters”, says Dorian Martin, a writer for IsAccurate.

Solves the Drawbacks of Working Alone

Many freelancers and remote workers complain about loneliness and isolation that can be caused by working alone for longer periods of time. It’s not only an individual experience, but studies have proven that those working from home have a higher chance of depression and loneliness caused by isolation.

When you’re surrounded by other people all day, even if you don’t work together or collaborate, it will provide you with that much-needed feeling of community and connection.

On the other hand, many freelance writers fear that coworking spaces will make them lose their focus due to a high number of people in the same space. This all depends on the levels of quiet and peace while you’re working. Nevertheless, coworking spaces are very quiet and work-friendly (obviously), so you don’t have to be afraid of noisy desk neighbors.

There is also a common misconception that you have to socialize in coworking spaces. Sure, it’s great to catch up for a while or meet someone new, but the bottom line is that everyone is there to work. It will be completely understandable if you need some alone time when you simply work alone.

You Can Learn a Lot from Others

Just like you can learn a lot from others when you’re working in an office, the same goes for when you’re a part of a coworking community.

It’s even more versatile than that: as a coworking entrepreneur, you will have the chance to learn useful skills and tools from people across all industries! Unlike an office, where you learn from your company colleagues, in a coworking space, you can be a blogger and learn how to write code – or be a developer and learn how to design in Photoshop!

Take advantage of this chance of being a part of an environment of versatile talents, skills, and mindsets by meeting and talking to as many people as possible. If you’re an introvert and this sounds hard, you’ll actually benefit even more, because you can use socializing in coworking spaces as a way to get out of your comfort zone.

You Can Find B2B Partners in Coworking Spaces!

You shouldn’t push too hard about partnering up with your coworking colleagues, but there may be an interest in working together. If you’re selling a product or a service that, for example, tackles some of the issues remote workers face, you can offer it to some of your coworking neighbors.

You Will Meet Like-Minded People

Finally, we have come to one of the best perks of working in a coworking space for young entrepreneurs. Basically, everyone you meet there will be very similar to you in terms of their affinities, work ethics and business-savvy.

If you’re dying to talk business, marketing and growth for hours on end, but you keep boring your friends with your entrepreneurial ideas, you’ve come to the right crowd! Every single person in a coworking space is a hard worker, ambitious, self-driven and motivated.

This is especially valuable for people who lack this kind of support from family and friends. If you want to meet people with common interests who will encourage your ideas, join a coworking space!


You might love your home office, but you can get a whole bunch of benefits if you decide to work from a coworking space! Fortunately, these spaces and projects have become increasingly available around the world, especially in bigger cities.

The best way to see whether your professional career could benefit from this type of space is to try it out for a short time. Rent a space for a month or two and see how you’ll like it. Chances are that you will, even if you belong to coworking skeptics! There’s a very good reason why coworking spaces are becoming the next hit worldwide.