Help us improve the S2M Passport on Feedback Friday!

Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

Recently we launched the S2M Passport, the place where user can manage and access the entire S2M ecosystem. Because we adopt the lean model we launched it as quick as we could so everyone could start enjoying its many benefits and opportunities. That also means that we are still working on it, and what a better way of knowing what to do next by asking you, the user?

How to test?

We host the Feedback Friday at Seats2meet Utrecht CS every Friday. It only takes 15 minutes and to do it just ask in the reception or e-mail

But wait! You can test it remotely too. It’s super simple:

  1. Download the app Participate if you are going to test it on your phone, or download the Chrome extension if you are on your desktop.
  2. Start testing! Go through the website, test the unctionalities and review your experience. Comment out loud so we know how your experience is. 5 minutes of testing is more than enough!
  3. Questions or more feedback? Send it to

Here is a video of how the remote testing works:


P.S.: Of course that if you are testing it remotely, you don’t have to do it on Friday. 😅