Malt and the EFIP launch the first European Freelancers Survey

Malt and EFIP teamed up to launch the European Freelancers Survey 2018. The goal? Paint a comprehensive picture of the status of independent work across Europe and make freelancers’ voice heard!

Freelancers are a high-growing and heterogenous part of the small business population. They can be largely miscalculated and misunderstood, especially at European level. This survey is aimed to find out more about European freelancers and understand the reality of their working lives and the regulatory framework they work within.

The European Freelancers Survey will be an evidence-based yearly survey that tracks the business performance, wellbeing and economic outlook of freelancers in Europe. It will be a valuable barometer which can be used to identify trends and general freelancers’ perception of economic and social conditions in Europe.

The results will be compiled and analyzed in a report that will be published during the European Freelancers Week in October 2018.

If you’re a freelancer, complete the survey now and contribute to improving the self-employment landscape in Europe! If some of your acquaintances are freelancers, spread the word!