Seats2Meet Passport Makes Social Capital the New Currency of the Coworking Ecosystem

Image by Kelvin Tuin via Seats2meet

The S2M Passport is a business management tool that connects over 60,000 professionals in the Seats2meet coworking network, allowing our global user base to collaborate, ask and answer pertinent questions, gain social capital and boost professional growth.

NETHERLANDS – July 6, 2018 – The modern workforce is no long contained to a single office, city, country or even continent. The last decade of labor has been revolutionized by physical and digital coworking spaces, many of which offer networking opportunities and business management resources.

Since 2007, the Dutch coworking platform Seats2meet has spearheaded the coworking movement, creating flexible workspaces that provide traditional location management while also introducing the concept of social capital to the coworking world. Social capital can be seen as a currency that reaches beyond borders, and is measured by the value of knowledge and skills that like-minded professionals exchange with one another.   

These social connections increase the amount of serendipitous encounters that these professionals ultimately have, and increase the relevancy of where these interactions take place. As a result, social capital creates a symbiotic environment for experts to connect and collaborate.

The S2M Passport acts as the entry point into the groundbreaking Seats2meet platform, which aims to transform social capital into professional and personal growth for all users. It’s a secure place where users can manage their personal data, make reservations and bookings, gain full access to the S2M Ecosystem, increase their social capital and connect with other professional in the coworking network.

The S2M Passport is built on the back of an AI-driven algorithm called The Serendipity Machine, which is a matchmaking feature that connects users based on specific profile tags. It also enables users to manage their entire S2M experience, from keeping track of workroom reservations to improving reputation via social capital.

“Through their passport our users can get access to all relevant information and experts in our network so they can grow as a professional continuously.” Marielle Sijgers, co-founder of Seats2meet.

Image by Kelvin Tuin via Seats2meet

The Passport offers more than just a pathway for connecting with other professionals, it also provides users with full access to the expansive S2M coworking ecosystem. There are an array of business management features that are well-suited for all types of professionals. Here are just a few examples of what can be accomplished using the S2M Passport platform:

  • The Serendipity Machine – The Serendipity Machine is a customizable message feature that connects users with a vast range of professionals, events, questions, locations and content. Using an AI-driven algorithm, these connections are made based on certain profile knowledge tags.
  • Everything you need in one place – The Passport grants users with the ability to access and manage all aspects of the S2M experience; including profile information, bookings, vouchers, reviews, Q&A and chats. Similar to The Serendipity Machine, our Q&A feature is optimized for each user with an AI-driven algorithm.
  • Easy access to the S2M Ecosystem – By sharing your daily goals and automatically checking into the platform, the passport will place the entire S2M ecosystem right at your fingertips.
  • Manage your check-in status and reservations – With the Passport, users can check-in and out of any S2M location with one click, and also keep track of workspace and meeting room reservations.
  • Earn social capital, improve reputation – S2M enables users to book flexible workspaces for social capital instead of monetary capital. Using statistical data gathered over time, the Passport creates a visual representation of the social capital that users exchange with others. Social capital can be obtained by answering questions from the ecosystem or meeting with other professionals.
  • Full control over personal data – The Passport ensures that users have complete control over personal data and settings, and is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR).

The Passport is already revolutionizing the way professionals in the S2M Ecosystem connect and manage their business, but there is still more to come in the near future.

In 2019, Seats2meet is planning to integrate the S2M Passport onto the blockchain, making it a truly decentralized ecosystem with shared ownership by all users. And this coworking ecosystem will only continue to expand, allowing people to share their data and make requests on other networks.

“The passport will grow into a decentralized one-to-one marketplace, where personal data aka ‘social capital’ is a real currency” Ronald van den Hoff, co-founder of

To learn more about the Seats2meet coworking ecosystem and the Passport, you can find more information here.

Image by Kelvin Tuin via Seats2meet

About Seats2meet: Seats2meet is a Dutch coworking organization that creates online coworking tools that are inspired by the philosophy of Society 3.0. Products and services are created to provide a virtual space for people to connect, work together and share knowledge. In 2007, the S2M coworking ecosystem started with just 20 freelancers. Since then, it has expanded to more than 200 locations worldwide with 60,000 professionals that offer thousands of distinct skills between them.

Centered around the Passport, S2M tools function as an online booking platform for meeting-, cowork- and office space in exchange for social capital and/or monetary capital. The platform aims to connect people based on their shared interests and field of work, enabling users to request help from the vast coworking ecosystem.

The S2M coworking ecosystem is operated through a network of locations and a diverse group of coworkers, all of whom have specialized skills that can be utilized by other members. Thus, the mission of S2M is to link professionals with one another so that they can support themselves and each other through collaboration and contribution.

If you have further press inquiries about the S2M Passport, please contact Beatriz Bremer at or +31 639895593.

This article was written by Tyler Koslow