The S2M Passport Intro


S2M Passport, where you can access and navigate the whole S2M ecosystem in one place.

In the last ten years we have accumulated several functionalities to help our experts connect, collaborate and grow. Our ecosystem grew from a table with twenty seats full with freelancers to more than 200 locations worldwide and more than 60.000 professionals accumulating thousands of skills between them. To improve even more the connection within the ecosystem we created the S2M passport. Here is how you can make the most out of it:

Where can I find it?

To access your passport you must first create an account at, if you already have the login you can go to, click on your picture on the upper right corner and select “Your Password” or simply go to

What can I do with it?

All your actions in one place

In the passport you can access and manage all the aspect of your S2M experience; your profile, bookings, vouchers, reviews, A&Q and chats. See more details below.

Easy access to the S2M Ecosystem

You can access the entire S2M ecosystem by telling us what your focus is today and you will be automatically checked-in, with the same access to the ecosystem as when you check-in via a location. Enjoy!

Manage your check-in status

See your check-in status and check-out with one click.



Manage your future reservations

Keep track and edit your future workspace and meeting rooms reservations.



Visualise your social capital

At Seats2meet you can book flexible workspaces for social capital instead of monetary capital. Visualise the social capital you exchange with other with our new points system. Every action as asking or answering questions from the ecosystem, chat or meet with a coworker earns you a point.

You can also manage and access past matches and questions and answers, so you don’t miss any opportunity from the ecosystem.

Manage your data

You are in control of all your personal data, and you can change your mail and cookie setting at anytime, making the passport 100% compliant with the GDPR. 

 Get – only relevant – messages

The Serendipity Machine – an AI driven algorithm – creates matches between you and relevant experts, events, questions, locations and content to you based on your profile knowledge tags. See them all in your customised messages board.