Seats2meet Reaches Milestone of Making Half a Million Co-Working Space Bookings


Following the recent release of the S2M Passport, the co-working company Seats2meet is celebrating an incredible milestone. The platform has now been utilized to make half a million workspace bookings.

As the modern concept of the workplace continues to change before our very eyes, a growing number of entrepreneurs, startups and professionals have utilized co-working spaces to connect with like-minded people and develop groundbreaking ideas and products. The Dutch co-working platform Seats2meet has played a critical role in cultivating this newfound global work environment.

After spending over 10 years working to make the co-working ecosystem more efficient and accessible to all, Seats2meet has just recently reached a truly triumphant milestone. The company is proud to announce that the Seats2meet platform has been used to make over half a million workspace bookings since the last update in 2014. The timing of this achievement was impeccable, as it was accomplished during the very same week as International Coworking Day–which takes place on August 9th.

Initially founded by Ronald van den Hoff and Marielle Sijgers in 2007, the Seats2meet journey started in one of the world’s first-ever coworking spaces, which was located in Utrecht. Since then, the platform has spread to 208 locations across 30 different countries. The success of the platform can be attributed to the franchise model concept that Seats2meet has championed. The ecosystem is not limited to any S2M location or specific country, but instead can be adopted by any co-working space owner throughout the globe.

Although Seats2meet currently has its largest presence in the European market, the company is planning to expand further into North America, Asia and Africa starting next year, aiming to reach over 1,000 co-working locations by 2020.  

In order to take the co-working revolution one step further, Seats2meet recently unveiled the S2M Passport, a platform where users can manage their personal data, make reservations and bookings, gain full access to the S2M Ecosystem, increase their social capital and connect with other professional in the coworking network.

The S2M Passport encompasses that overall mission of Seats2meet, which is to create flexible workspaces that provide traditional location management and introduces the concept of social capital to the professional co-working realm.

While the Seats2meet team is certainly thrilled to reach the milestone of hosting 500,000 workspace bookings, that number is expected to grow as more professionals adopt the S2M Passport into their businesses. As the company continues to serve on a daily basis more than 200 locations worldwide and a network of over 60,000 professionals, the ongoing global expansion strategy will eventually take Seats2meet to the next milestone in the near future: to reach 2,000,000 meeting seat bookings!

Image by Kelvin Tuin via Seats2meet

About Seats2meet: Seats2meet is a Dutch coworking organization that creates online coworking tools that are inspired by the philosophy of Society 3.0. Products and services are created to provide a virtual space for people to connect, work together and share knowledge. In 2007, the S2M coworking ecosystem started with just 20 freelancers. Since then, it has expanded to more than 200 locations worldwide with 60,000 professionals that offer thousands of distinct skills between them.

Centered around the Passport, S2M tools function as an online booking platform for meeting-, cowork- and office space in exchange for social capital and/or monetary capital. The platform aims to connect people based on their shared interests and field of work, enabling users to request help from the vast coworking ecosystem.

The S2M coworking ecosystem is operated through a network of locations and a diverse group of coworkers, all of whom have specialized skills that can be utilized by other members. Thus, the mission of S2M is to link professionals with one another so that they can support themselves and each other through collaboration and contribution.