Transform Your Smartphone Into a Mobile Office [Infographic]


Coworking is the fastest growing trend in the current decade. According to recent studies, the number of coworking spaces is almost doubling each year which logically opens some new opportunities for business people. Big corporations, startups, freelancers, basically everyone is turning towards coworking spaces so they could better innovate and improve their growth. Coworking services like S2M are great for finding innovative work and meeting spaces especially for the cities and countries where you don’t have offices in but would like to feel like you’re at home.

Coworking brings a lot of benefits to the table. For instance, if you are a freelancer or your company allows you to work remotely from home, chances are that you will be interrupted at least a couple of times per hour. It could be all kind of stuff, from walking your dog to going to a grocery store because you run out of milk. All of that won’t happen if you work from the coworking space because everyone around you is also working on their own projects so there are no distractions. Since working from a coworking space 74% of people have become more productive.

It could also benefit your business because in coworking spaces you can make numerous connections and meet people with all kind of knowledge and skills who can ultimately help you bring your business to the next level. According to the same study, 86% of people had a larger business network since working from a coworking space and 93% of them had a bigger social network. These are just some of the reasons why coworking places are one of the most productive places to work from.

Coworking spaces that are offered by services like S2M will provide you with everything you can think of, and you really wouldn’t lack anything, but still, I like using some of my own equipment in coworking places which is impossible to carry when traveling light. This got me into thinking and I realized that there are many people like me who like to bring their own piece of tech with them but are facing the same problem. Since my smartphone is the last thing I will ever leave at home, I asked myself: What if there was a way to pack the whole office into my smartphone? And with the help of some innovative mobile apps, there is.

This is how we at Cometdocs company came to an idea for the following interactive infographic. It will show you what traditional office equipment can be completely replaced with corresponding mobile apps. So the next time you pack light for a business trip or the next time you visit your nearest coworking space, you will have a piece of mind knowing that your virtual office is in your pocket. Just click on the blue circles in order to find out what app replaces selected office element.

Article written by Sandra Rodgers