LambdUp 2018 – the functional programming conference


The only functional programming conference in the Czech Republic, which is held on September 13 in Prague, will present top experts in the field with their talks and workshops. LambdUp is build by developers for developers and aims to support and bring together professionals and enthusiasts of functional programming across languages ​​and technologies into one place.

You can look forward to 7 international speakers

There are also a few last workshops tickets available. You can choose from 5 practical workshops:

If it is still not enough for you, check out 13 reasons to attend:

  1. Networking with 200+ developers (usually senior developers) interested in the functional programing and broadening their horizons
  2. Learning functional approaches to problems and then applying them in the OOP world
  3. An understanding of how to develop front-ends using “back-end” technologies like F#
  4. The opportunity to meet, TALK, AND DISCUSS with top influencers of functional programming (speakers will be available for questions for the whole afternoon!)
  5. Learning from real-life examples and best practices
  6. Finding out a way how open-source projects are
  7. Promoting your company by being active in the functional programming community
  8. Helping you with recruitment, both by networking with skilled devs and by showing you what role functional devs could play in your projects
  9. Workshops led by top experts in the field (ReasonML, Elixir, Elm, F#, Clojure)
  10. A platform to discuss programming problems you’re facing and find solutions
  11. Honing your skills in functional languages
  12. Avoiding common mistakes thanks to tips from people with years of experience
  13. Delicious free refreshments 🙂

Visit the official website or write them a message for more info.