S2M Meets…


This was a big year for Seats2meet, we launched the S2M passport, which centralizes all our functionalities and showcases some new ones. We became 100% GDPR, and started exploring more and more partnerships. And I can tell you now that something big is coming. As I said in the beginning of the year, the future is one: collaboration. We revealed that this is in our plans, now I would like to share a more concrete take on it with you.

For the future of Seats2meet and our recently launched passport we don’t want to limit ourselves to the services we provide. We want you to get exactly what you need, when you need it. For the matchmaking we already have the Serendipity Machine algorithm, which uses AI to match people to other users, content, events, locations and questions from the ecosystem. Now, we are looking to partnerships so the Serendipity Machine can also connect you to services outside Seats2meet in the moment you need them.

For example, if we know you have a booking in Utrecht CS at 10am, we can recommend you via the S2M passport a car with Terberg Leasing, a car leasing company that includes its clients in all mobility sharing platforms automatically. Or did you just buy a phone, or even made the big step to become an entrepreneur? We can recommend you to ensure yourself with Common Easy, a peer-to-peer insurance company. Or maybe, you also need a reception service for your recently opened company? Then we can recommend you to Flexado. And so it goes. Everything you need, at the time you need it.

In the next weeks I will be publishing several articles to give more context of our vision, plans and partnerships. After all, we practice what we preach, connecting, collaborating and growing doesn’t go only for coworkers in Seats2meet locations, but also for Seats2meet itself as a company.