Creating trust on a multi-platform marketplace


Seats2meet envisions for the recently launched passport a place where people are matched not only to other coworkers, content, locations, events and questions, but also to other services outside S2M itself. That means, the S2M passport is a platform that will connect you to several other platforms and services. With that we have the advantage of connecting to incredible services and offering a very complete experience to users. But we can also have a few challenges. One of the is how to generate trust.

In the first and better known sharing economy platforms as Airbnb and Uber we rely on rating systems. Which is great. But in each platform you get a different rating, and every time you get into a new one, you have to build your reputation from scratch again. If we want to connect our platform, to several others, and every user has a different rating in each one of them, things can get messy. And we don’t want that. So how do we provide a marketplace with several platforms inside it and still make it reliable? Well, the answer we already know for a while: Deemly.

Deemly is a startup providing platforms with a unique rating system. So if you have new users that utilize another service utilising Deemly, they already have a rating. No need to reinvent the wheel over and over again, right? Right. That means that if we, and all other platforms we work with, use Deemly, then we can have all the ratings, from all different services, in one. Therefore creating more trust, in a simple and easy way.

Deemly doesn’t only creates a trust profile and ID verification for users, but they also measure the amount of trust happening inside a platform by the increase of activity and user satisfaction. That means platforms don’t know only the trust rate of its users, but of company itself. After all, the trust we have in platforms are also directed linked to what happens between their service providers and users, and to their success.

In the next week I will publish other articles and interview on how the S2M passport is partnering and experimenting with different services to become a multi-paltform marketplace.