Passport – the How


When creating the passport our thought was: what are the online tools that help people in the Seats2meet ecosystem to connect, collaborate and grow?

First of all, we have the connecting part. The first part of connecting is showing yourself the way you want to be seen, and owning it. So in the passport, you can edit all your data at any time. You can change your knowledge and skill tags and set and change all your privacy setting. You own your identity and all aspects of it.

Next comes connecting. We already had lots of tools for people to connect to each other in place. People can message each other and request meetings, see what it is they are working on and what they are looking for today, ask questions that will be sent to all the experts on a specific  subject in the ecosystem, and get matched to relevant people by a smart AI algorithm. That’s a lot!

What we did is put it all in one place. In the passport, you get connected to relevant people for you in the ecosystem, to experts that can answer your questions and help you, to events, to people who are in need of your expertise and it offers you the right content. All of those connections are unique to you, based on your tags. That means that no passport will be identical to the other. And in the future we envision on connecting more to you, I till talk about that on the “next” session.

The grow part is ultimately up to you, but we want to make visible your progress at Seats2meet and all the social capital you earned and exchanged. That’s why on the first page you will find a dashboard with your personal data, including the amount of check-ins in a location or in the network, questions, answers, times you were shown as a match to other people in the ecosystem, workspaces and meeting space bookings, and cancellations. So you can see in numbers everything you’ve experienced at Seats2meet.