Passport – The Next

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

I am adding an extra item to the golden circle model of “Why, How and What” because the passport was built not only thinking about now, but also about the future. It is the foundation for what we believe is coming. We believe that in the future decentralisation will take over. That’s all that society 3.0 is about. Organisations and institutions are getting smaller, and the individual is getting empowered with the rise of peer to peer services. This trend gains strength with the increasing services on the blockchain.

The Seats2meet passport is a catalyst. And a smart catalyst powered by AI to enable smart connections, which is essential in a decentralised environment. When you find yourself surrounded by billions of possibilities and choices, a tool that connects you to exactly what you need, when and where you need is a must-have. And that is what we see as the future of the Seats2meet passport. It will not only connect you to people, events and content inside the ecosystem, but also to services and products connected to the trusted environment of the Seats2meet network and locations.

In the passport, we don’t want to only connect the dots in a smart way. But we also want to use what the decentralization offers, as identity verification, currencies and whatever other utilities it might offer in the future, which we are betting will be more than what we can imagine right now. But still, we are ready for it!