Passport – the Why


It’s funny, and I feel that it has a touch of destiny, that I am writing this a few hours before embarking on a plane to one of my favourite cities – New York. And what I feel that is funny about it? Well, on a meeting last Tuesday with the whole Seats2meet team we were discussing the reason, our vision for the Seats2meet passport. I heard a lot of words, and what we all agree in is that it is the catalyst, a connector between a single individual and the whole Seats2meet ecosystem. But why are we creating that? Well, for me it makes a lot of sense that it is called a passport. Let me explain you why.

Imagine your dream destination. We usually need our passports to get there – if not, then you are lucky. The passport is not the end destination, but it is what shows that destination who you are, and because of that, you get in. The reason for the existence of the Seats2meet passport is pretty much the same. The whole “why” of the Seats2meet existence is to empower people to become the best versions of themselves, for themselves. We believe that this can be achieved by connecting to other people, exchanging knowledge and skills and creating value. The Seats2meet passport is not the end destination, but the tool that helps you get there. That’s what we wanted to achieve when we first started creating the passport. And I believe we did.