Sweden puts its whole country available on Airbnb


Yesterday Airbnb revealed that a campaign together with Visit Sweden, enlisting the whole country for free. No, the houses are not for free, but the campaign is around the Freedom to Roam. In their promotional video, they tell that in Sweden they protect the right to walk, eat and sleep practically anywhere, with a highlight for its beautiful nature.

To book a spot in Sweden, you can go to their page on Airbnb, and you will find all the locations mentioned in the video. Among the extraordinary places, there are beaches, forests, and rivers. All for free. The campaign is part of Visit Sweden effort to attract tourists to its nature.

Sweden has no Eiffel Towers. No Niagara Falls or Big Bens. Not even a little Sphinx. Sweden has something else – the freedom to roam. This is our monument.

I don’t know about you, but I will book my tickets soon. ✈️