How to summarize a 54-minute Hangout: The first S2M Hangout


After getting off to a rocky start (there were a lot of buttons….and wires….I was very, very confused), we had our first S2M Hosts & Ambassador Hangout on Tuesday! We hope the ambassadors present during the Hangout learned something, because we sure did (first of all: do not underestimate the difficulty of starting up a Hangout session..).

So what did we discuss?

Firstly, Mirjam started off with some general information about, what we do and how we do it. Really the general and practical information, for some of you this might be new and for others you just need a refresher; either way might be smart to watch!

A small catch-up on what we’re doing at S2M International, namely our S2M for Events and S2M for Locals project.

Nynke, our amazing intern working in Lisbon, shared her new project with us; the S2M Serendipity video! (more on this coming up soon)

Something came up that we’ve realized a lot over the past couple of months; how can you, as an ambassador, explain things to new locations if you haven’t been through the process yourself? For example, how do you know how a host can board his/her location or how they can adjust their opening times? Apart from looking around in the Ambassador Club (a tab in your S2M menu) you will soon be able to watch some simple Jing video manuals, I’ll be sure to send you a message when they’re available.

Also, what do you, as an ambassador, get out of being an S2M Ambassador? Be sure to check out this page.

Last but not least; how do you, as an ambassador or host, connect to people that are relevant to you and your business? Sharwari, our host and ambassador from Bangalore, came across this issue because she is one of the first locations in India. If nobody else knows about it, then how are you able to use the platform to connect to others? Luckily there are numerous platforms, for example the S2M virtual HQ, the S2M Magazine and the HQ Facebook group, where you are able to reach out to other hosts and ambassadors. They have probably gone through similar situations and might be able to give you some tips and tricks on how to deal with this!

Curious to know what else we discussed? You can watch the video here. Don’t worry; it starts off in Dutch but after a minute or so we switch to English.

Hope to see you all Tuesday May 3rd for the second S2M Host & Ambassador Hangout! Fill in this short form to sign up an let us know you’re coming!