Despite the crisis, coworking keeps growing in Brazil


In September of last year Ronald van den Hoff and Marielle Sijgers went to Brazil to launch Seats2meet. Although coworking spaces are already established in some countries, it is still a new market. In Brazil it is still a young concept, along with flexible working and freelancing. But growing.

Big companies, as Ernst & Young, are already adopting home office for some of their employees; with the current crisis and less employment, working as a freelance and entrepreneurship grows, along with the need for coworking spaces.

The website tracks the growth of coworking every year in Brazil and just released the new research – guess what? The results are astonishing. Right now there are 378 coworking spaces in Brazil, 52% more than this same time last year. In states like Rio de Janeiro the growth was 75%, and in the state with more coworking spaces, São Paulo, the growth was 56% per cent, with 148 places.

The average is 57 coworkers per space. 30% of all the spaces are open for 24/7. 26% are pet friendly. 92.9% organize events and meetings among the coworkers. The revenue comes mostly from workspaces and private office rent, since the business model is rent the desks monthly.

The coworkers are in their majority consultants, designers, marketers, digital influencers and developers. See here the entire research.