S2M Welcomes Flint


2018 barely started and we are on cloud 9. In the last weeks, we have welcomed UtrechtInc to join the ecosystem and now the newest location to join is Flint, the theater located in Amersfoort. The creative company that already has partnerships with several local establishments strives for connecting and facilitating growth around them, or for themselves. The creative setting gives an atmosphere of fun and productivity.

Flints join other three locations in Amersfoort: S2M Amersfoort CS, Meet & Discover and Peer. They all welcome co-workers in return for social capital, that is, the only condition for anyone to seat and work there, is that they are open to help and collaborate with others. Anyone checked at an S2M location can also see who is present at Flint on now.seats2meet.com, and connect to them online.

The location of name Flex @ Flint will be available for booking from March 1st on at Seats2meet.com. You can read more about it here.