Enlarging the ecosystem: S2M welcomes UtrechtInc


Every now and then the Seats2meet ecosystem welcomes a new location for you to connect, collaborate and grow in. Three weeks ago UtrechtInc became a part of the S2M ecosystem, and we became of theirs. It’s the colliding of two ecosystems, which just make a bigger one. So let me tell you a little bit about UtrechtInc and what you can find there.

What is UtrechtInc?

UtrechtInc is a coworking space, accelerator, and incubator located at the Utrecht Science Park. The founding partners are Utrecht University (UU), University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) and University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht).

As an accelerator and incubator, they work mostly with tech startups in the areas of healthcare, sustainability, and learning. And they do it quite well; from the 170 startups that have supported 65% of them are alive and kicking. They do that with a mix of great mentoring using the lean startup method and by being a matchmaker to a great network of experts, potential customers, students and investors.

Who is in UtrechtInc?

Throughout the 8 years since UtrechtInc operates they were the place of birth of several great startups. In their ‘graduates’ page you can find SnappCar, AFAS Personal (Yunoo), Argen-X, Channable, Senfal, and many more. You can check them all here. Right now there are several newborn companies going through the program, and you can see a complete list of them here.

Scientists, entrepreneurs and you.

Most of its occupants are either scientists or entrepreneurs. Both complement each other. But there is a lot of other knowledge that is welcome. Such as developers, marketers, designers; the list goes on. You can now book a workspace there for social capital and be surrounded by a variety of startups that are looking forward to hearing from you, and from which you can also learn a lot from. And who knows? Maybe collaborate on other levels. After all, we believe the future lies in collaboration.

You can book a workspace here.

You can apply for their startup program here.

Interested in getting updated on startup vacancies? Send an email and join their Pro-‘s & Co-founders Pool.

You might also be interested in the many events they host, take a look at their calendar.