The Desenolator provides water independence



Desenolator is an invention of Dutch engineer William Janssen with which you can purify water.

What is it?

It’s estimated that in the near future 3,5 billion people will suffer from a lack of clean water. Water that’s needed to drink, cook and wash. Villages in countries like India already struggle. The village Vizhinjam Kerala in India, which is situated by the sea, for example, relies on the transport of water by water trucks. The water is usable for three days only because it gets infested by worms. If there is a local problem with electricity it means no water can be pumped up, so the villagers have to survive without. The Desolenator could be a great solution for places like Vizhinjam. It purifies water and makes even seawater drinkable.

Why is it interesting?

About 70% of the world consists of water. Unfortunately, most of that water is salt, which means it’s undrinkable. Dutch engineer William Janssen came up with a solution: the Desolenator. The Desolenator is a stand-alone device which turns up to 4 gallons of undrinkable water into drinking water a day. It runs on solar power and holds no moving parts which make it durable. One Desolenator costs 450 dollars and lasts for 20 years. A price tag that may still be far too high for the poor in this world, but a lot more affordable than similar inventions. The company who produces the Desolenator work hard to get the costs down for it to be a real solution to the water problem in the world.

Key take away?

If you can turn seawater into drinking water with the help of effective and durable modern technology there will be no water crisis.

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