The exponential growth of podcasts


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Being a content consumer and producer, having worked on one of the biggest media companies in the world, I reached the following conclusion: people will always consume content, the one thing that stays behind is the format in which it is consumed, but never the content itself. Thousands of years ago the human being was telling stories and passing them on through word of mouth. Some of them live on in the shape of drawings in caves, which are theorized to have preceded cinema itself.

In the dawn of the 20th century, the favorite vehicle in which our stories spread was radio. Families, or even entire villages, would gather around the talking box to hear stories, be them reality or fiction. Soon after that television brought images, and with them, the conclusion of the radio golden age. Yes, radio still exists. But it had to adapt. And it continued adjusting to the new technologies, one of which gave a freshness to the spoken stories. We are talking about the internet.

As before you would have to buy a radio to listen to it, now everyone who owns a device with a connection to the world wide web can access radio. The radio producers were quick to realize that and responded by adapting to their new audience. Some of them weren’t that agile. And instead of changing, they just offered the same format of content but in a different medium. Those who adapted created something completely different from what they already had, and that’s podcasts. To their surprise – or not – the infamous millennials love it! And the market only grows, as the infographic made by the University Saint Paul shows.


The infographic shows that in the last three years alone the number of AmericansĀ who listen to podcasts doubled. Together with the audience, the number of companies paying for ads also grew, and the revenue that used to be of 69 million dollars for this market skyrocketed to 220 million. The trend is not limited to the United States, but podcasts are gaining momentum worldwide.

Ask your neighbor

I asked the people sitting at S2M to know who is doing podcasts and got great answers, which you can read here. I separated the link of the podcasts so you can get toĀ know what the coworkers around you, and Seats2meet users have been doing.

AngĆ©le Bakker – Vibe Podcasts

AngĆ©le was the first one to reply me, beyond recording podcasts for a while, she also created an online course for anyone who wants to start. You can know more about it clickingĀ here.

Ronnie Couwenberg – Mind Your Business

Ronnie worked on the podcast Mind Your Business at the beginning of 2017, and now they are promoted by the BNR radio.

Peter Joosten – Project Leven

Peter Joosten asks the question “how can we become a superhuman?” in his podcast Project Leven. The question is answered by several experts. If you love his podcast, you can support him on Patreon!

Jethro Hardeman – ZorgInnovisie

Jethro Hardeman interviews influencers and innovators. His goal? Empower and facilitate innovation by spreading knowledge.