Interview with Huub and Thomas from Abundance


2017 was a great year. We launched the Serendipity Machine, we completed 10 years of existence, had 400.000 people passing through all the S2M locations, published more than 450 articles in this online magazine, from which several were interviews with amazing and inspiring people that we met within our ecosystem. This is the last interview of 2017, with Huub and Thomas, the initiators of Abundance; a new S2M location in Amsterdam.

S2M: Hi Thomas and Huub, could you tell us a bit about Abundance Amsterdam?

T: We just started Abundance.

Abundance is a center for personal development. We have co-working spaces, meeting-rooms, coaching-rooms, offices for small businesses and we organize workshops and talks. It’s our mission to help people reach their full potential and live an abundant life.

H: Hi, I’m a 50-year-old father of my son and daughter, living in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. People may have heard my name before because I have run around S2M on a regular basis for the last 12 years I think. Also, I have written 8 books about how to get your Dream job and position yourself as a Personal Brand (with the book ‘Het merk IK ®’)

S2M: Before this project, what did you guys do?

H: I’m currently running TalentFirst Nederland BV, a training and coaching agency, for over 17 years now with 25 or so people in it. Next to that I have a social venture in South Africa, Clean Cooking Revolution, from which we provide Clean Cookstoves to people in townships

T: I just finished my study Applied Psychology in April 2017. Besides my study, I’ve organized a festival for 2000 people called ‘Zandbak Festival’, during that time i discovered that i like to pioneer and being a entrepreneur. The last 3 years I traveled a lot, I lived in Tenerife and Bonaire and I’ve been to China and Indonesia.

Besides Abundance, I work as a trainer and at the moment i’m developing a online course called: Leef je droom (live your dream). It’s a 12 week course to discover your purpose in life and define and create your ideal life.

S2M: How did you come up with the name Abundance?

H: Thomas came up with it, and I really like the concept of thinking in possibilities and abundance.

T: I just love Abundance.

S2M: In S2M we also believe a lot in sharing abundance, how did you got in touch with S2M?

H: I know Marielle and Ronald already for quite some time and I just love their way of being an entrepreneur

T: I knew S2M from name, but i never visited a location, and i didn’t knew the S2M Network was so big, so i’m excited!

S2M: What are the plans for Abundance in 2018?

H: We love to share our space with likeminded people, who are in to co create a life and work that is totally fun, fulfilling and challenging at the same time! We will create Abundance as one happy vibrant place, with workshops, events, parties, dinners, and whatever we (and our co workers) come up with. Just come over and check out our place, we have a really cool treadmill desk, where you can walk and work at the same time.

T: What Huub said, it’s the idea to create good conditions so people can (co) create a fulfilling abundant life where work and life flow into each other.

For 2018 the goal is to create a community where people can work, connect and grow with each other.

S2M: How can people work in Abundance?

H: There’s different options. You can rent a workspace or dedicated office. Next to that we have coaching spaces, workshop and training rooms and an event space. Just come up with whatever you want, and we have a solution for it!

T: Yes, there are enough options. It will be a exciting time to see how Abundance can help people to evolve and grow.

S2M: As the last interview of 2017, what is your message for everyone in 2018?

H: Let’s go from making a living to making a difference in 2018, together! And have a lot of fun along the way doing it!
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T: Too many people are focussing on everything that isn’t possible, let’s make the shift from scarcity to Abundance and take massive action to realising our dreams and goals. Together we can make a difference in the world.

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