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Sidney Vollmer - Inspiration And Innovation In Publishing
Sidney Vollmer - Inspiration And Innovation In Publishing

Sidney Vollmer

Sidney Vollmer, a writer fascinated by the chances & dangers of digital life. Currently writing his third book: a personal collection of essays on digital culture. Dutch blog GeenStijl says he rules on Twitter.

“Based on the interactive poster of Roland Tiangco, the aforism in this video is applicable for any sort of innovation. Too often, we stand my and wait for the right moment. Launch early, fail often, and know that it’s ok to search instead of find.”

“A relatively well known film showing the beauty of books. Their tactile nature and their personalities. it’s worth to remember that the loving relationship with books is based on nonchalance: a book is forgiving. It will still be readable if you drop it. It can stand quite a lot of water, cracks, and lack of battery. When innovating: can we make sure that the innovations remain human? Forgiving?”

“As a writer or publisher, it’s relevant to stay in touch with exactly how far automation has moved. It’s a big bad world out there, especially for a fragile thing like literature. So think hard about the relevance of the content you’re creating and the best way to distribute it. Virality is crucial. The future belongs to those that know how to build platforms for all that content out there.”

“This video shows what we did three years ago with digital publishing for my debut novel. I have learnt so much about publishing, writing and people’s attention span by making this. I can recommend experimenting with it to any writer. Digital publishing offers a wide variety of tools for writers. It’s hard, but so is learning to ride a bike.”

“I haven’t tested this yet. But I’m intrigued with the possibilities of augmenting reality as you’re reading.”