TIS Picks: 5 Top Smart Cities Videos

5 Top Videos on Design and Innovation
5 Top Videos on Design and Innovation

Exponential urbanization and continuous digitization are two of the main principles behind the concept ‘Smart Cities’. Smart Cities is a vision on how the Internet of Things (I.o.T.) and an integration of ICT-infrastructure will benefit city management and thus its residents. Here’s our pick from the 5 best and most breathtaking videos on SMART CITIES.

1. Sustainable city planning

The ModelMe interface shows the potential of open source 3D-models in developing a sustainable urban vision. The collective knowledge model based on user generated data sets in the ‘city dashboard’ can lead to more ingenious solutions to urban challenges:

2. Connecting the City to the internet

LinkNYC connects New Yorkers and visitors to super fast internet. Free of charge! CityBridge will build 7500 kiosks to create a hyper mobile urban environment. People will be able to make free domestic phone calls, 911 emergency calls, browse the web, gain access to maps and charge their phones via USB:

3. 2020 vision on public services

How can public services benefit from the Internet of Things? IBM has drawn up their vision of 2020. Watch the video to see what the future might hold for citizens in Smart Cities:

4. Super smart solar bins

The benefits of the Solar Bins are clear: they reduce collection frequencies, stop overflowing and provide real insight in the waste network. A fully integrated waste management systems, perfect for every Smart City:

5. A Smart City masterclass by the CIO of Palo Alto

“How can we bring technology to bear, to make our cities more livable, more workable and ultimately more sustainable? This is the definition of a smart city.” Listen to Jonathan Reichental, Chief Information Officer of Palo Alto (CA), explain why we need to reinvent our cities and why a new connected operating system for cities is an incredible opportunity: