How to Land your Dream Remote Marketing Job: 5 Tips


Whether you’ve got a taste for travel, or you love to stay at home, or just too lazy to leave your place, the remote job can be a thing. First, your office is, literally, two steps away from the bed. Second, you don’t have to spend extra cash for lunches and transport. Third, remote work provides you with plenty of free time for your personal life.

Besides, the world has become a tiny little place. You just don’t have to be physically present at the office to do your job. And some people even demonstrate higher effectiveness while working in bed with a laptop on their knees.

You might think that if you are a marketing guru, a copywriter, an SEO-specialist or PPC things don’t work that way for you. And you are very wrong. To find your dream remote marketing job could be easier than you think. After all, this very article was written by a person, who decided to quit spending time in transport and offices.

Get ready to kiss your office goodbye! We are about to tell you how to free your time from daily routine and start working remotely. 5 good tips specifically for you.

Make your CV speak for you

Open your resume or CV, and look at it thoroughly. Look at it not like it is your short memoirs, but as a marketing offer as it actually is. Stop bragging – start selling. The first thing that HRs are looking for in any new CV is not political preferences, it is your skills. So turn your resume into a selling letter.

Make sure your CV showcasing your education, experience, and skills. All of them should match the position you’re applying for. That includes:

  • name and contact data;
  • education, additional courses, certification, awards, etc;
  • relevant experience;
  • results;
  • extra activities and achievements.

And one special point. You MUST mention that you want to apply in a remote position. People should know you are not going to spend time in the office. Make sure you don’t have any irrelevant experience in your CV. Nobody likes extra reading, so don’t describe how good you are in fencing if you are applying for an SEO-copywriter position.

Be exceptional

Face it – there are millions of copywriters out there, looking for a job. All of them can write. All of them know several foreign languages and got experience in guest blogging and e-mail marketing. And if you mindlessly copy their CV, you are one of the huge crowd. Why anyone should hire you?

Well, that’s the question you’d better give an answer to. Sell yourself. Imagine that you are looking for a specialist, what would be the criteria? What would grab your attention? Would you be interested in just “another random resume” and “another stereotyped cover letter”?

To cut a long story short – be different, and be useful. Show them your value and resources. There was a guy who created a Kickstarter page to be hired. If you are interested in a job, why not make an audit of the company you are applying to? Instead of a dull cover letter send them a presentation with their flaws and your offers on how to fix the things – that will get their attention.

Think of your skills and tools

Take a piece of paper and sort all your skills. Is there something you know better than others? Is there something that you lack? Today’s world is a place where you should constantly learn something new. Twenty years ago your knowledge on how to turn on your PC was an awesome skill, and today you, probably, won’t put it in your CV. Maybe it is time to learn something you don’t know yet?

Besides, a remote marketing specialist requires a set of tools that should be specifically mentioned:

  • Task management app is irreplaceable to stick to your companies plans and fulfill your job in time;
  • Project management tools are required if you are looking forward to work from home as a marketing specialist;
  • Cloud storage for work is absolutely indispensable to exchange materials with your team;
  • Team chat – whoever you are, you’d better think of service to communicate with your colleagues;
  • The analytics platform is critical for content marketing to measure the effectiveness of your work.

Don’t rely on the company you will be working for. They might provide you with all the necessary tools, or they might not. Be prepared and you’ll feel a confidence you might lack.

Look at the right places

Remote work seems to be tricky to find because everyone prefers to look for it in standard places. Social media and hiring websites sound good, but it is not exactly a place you should think of if you want to work remotely.

Instead, you might want to consider specific websites, where people are looking for remote employees. There are literally millions of websites with remote jobs: Bitwage, We Work Remotely,  Hubstaff Talent, RemoteOK, FlexJobs. And look at the freelancing platforms like Upwork.

Finally, there are still social media, but not the ones you are used to. LinkedIn might be too obvious, but people often forget about it. And n Facebook they have a special group for remote employees with over 41,000 members.

Be open

At the interview, we are doing our best to seem confident. Sometimes it turns into arrogance. Be open and friendly, and, well, you can honestly say that you are a bit worried. It is a job of HR to make you feel comfortable, and it is perfectly fine to be a bit worried at the job interview.

Speak about your skills and experience. Tell the recruiter what value you can bring to the company. And be specific: if you are being asked about your typical workday, don’t start with “I woke up and brushed my teeth, and had a coffee”… Instead, tell me about your performance and what do you usually do. Avoid vague wording, and tell exactly what are you good at.

Eventually, there will be a question: “Why do you apply for a remote job? Why not an office position?”. Don’t you even think of saying something like: “Well, I want to travel a lot and I like to stay at home and sleep a lot”. Don’t even try – we did it for you before. Bad idea. It shows that you are lazy and irresponsible and not welcome in that specific company.

It is hard to admit, but the “future”, sci-fi novelists were writing about, is here. Maybe we don’t have spaceships yet, but we have an opportunity not to spend our lives in dull offices. It might mean way much more than it seems at first sight. If you want to join the ranks of the remote marketing specialists, I hope this article will help you in your searches. Good luck!