7 Effective Marketing Tactics to Jumpstart Your Startup


When you are just starting, or even if you are an established business and stuck in a rut, it can be hard to decide how to drive in your business’ growth. 

What are the necessary steps to take to put the same energy and vitality back to your company? What are the effective marketing tactics that you need to take to jumpstart your startup business? 

In this post, we will explore some marketing strategies that you can apply:

Conduct market research

The best way to garner useful information is to conduct thorough market research. The main reason you need to do that is that it offers you data essential in decision-making. 

You should know the surroundings that you operate in, as well as have an idea of how the market works. 

Who are the major players? If you skip on the research part, you will never know what you need to improve on. And this is something no startup business can afford to do. 

Study your competitors

It does not mean that you should mold yourself precisely like your competitors and let your values and identity slip away. 

At Voy Media Marketing Agency NYC, we always tell our clients that by studying how your competitors market themselves or communicate with their audience, you can get some crucial points to apply to your startup. 

Also, by learning from other people’s mistakes, you will save yourself from going through the same hardships in the future.

Sometimes, you do not have to come up with a unique idea, ultimately. 

Focus on something that has worked for other people. Then, by subsequently applying what you have learned, do not forget to measure your results. 

Develop a branding strategy

Your branding strategy will help elevate your startup in the market. The sooner you develop your brand, the better. 

To make yourself more recognizable to your target audience, having the right branding strategy helps enhance your other marketing efforts. 

Meaning, every brand has that unique selling proposition. And this USP is what can make them stand out from the rest of the pack and differentiate themselves from other brands out there. 

Therefore, if you uniquely design your brand, it will be easier to be spotted from the rest of the crowd. You can start by developing a distinctive logo for your brand and move to business printing. 

It can involve anything from business cards to freebies that your customers can easily recognize as your own. 

Take advantage of social media

Ignoring social media is not an option anymore. Although it might be impossible to grow a huge following, it will be easier to get noticed as you gain momentum. 

Then, whatever content you put out, make sure that it is authentic. It is also imperative that it is consistent and speaks to your audience to solve the most significant pain points. 

Ensure that you are implementing a robust search engine optimization strategy using hyper-targeted keywords. And let people discover your content online. 

Leverage email marketing

Another marketing strategy that you should tap on with minimal cost is email marketing. 

If you have a website, place a newsletter sign up form there. Or you can directly ask your customers for their email. 

After you have collected your customers’ emails, you can send them non-commercial yet valuable content such as how-to articles, guides, infographics, and videos. 

If what you send is too advertorial, then there is a high chance that your subscribers will try to opt-out. 

Organize a referral program

Another way to quickly gain a huge following is to organize a referral program. This strategy is letting your customers promote your products for you. 

It is essential because 92% of users trust personal recommendations more than other forms of marketing. People tend to follow their friends’ advice or the people they know whenever they want to purchase something.

So, make sure that you use this to your advantage as well. 

Measure and study your results

To know if your actions and strategies are working, you need to measure your results. Use key performance indicators as a measuring tool. 

Some of the most well-known KPIs out there are bounce rates, conversion rates, how long a user has visited your site, the number of likes, and so on. 

Using Search Console or Google Analytics are great tools that allow you to measure your KPI and results. 

Final Thoughts

Gearing up your business for growth is something that does not happen by accident. It requires a lot of contemplation on your part, using the right strategies, and plenty of hard work. 

But if you are willing to plan and execute these things, the payoff is huge in the end. The best type of growth for any business is sustainable in the long-term, not just something temporary. 

It is harder to achieve, but it is well worth it in the end.