Six Brand Building Strategies for Startups

Six Brand Building Strategies for Startups

American business is overwhelmed by the small business. There are about 28.8 million small businesses in the US, and they account for almost 99.7% of all the business in US.

Although these organizations provide ample employment opportunities to the youth and account for 44% of the US economic activity, they have a tough time building the right brand strategy for their business.

This is because small businesses are at a growing phase, and they struggle to compete with the business giants of the same industry who have established themselves in the market. In such scenarios, as a small business, you should know the right branding tactics to shoot up your popularity among the customers and increase revenue.

Branding is necessary to have the right impact on the customers. A report by Accenture stated:

• 63% of the surveyed consumers preferred to purchase the services from businesses whose purpose reflects their own beliefs and values.

• 62% stated that their purchase decision is driven by the ethical values and authenticity of the organization.

Branding creates the right aura around the product, for which customers would even pay extra for that product. So, if a small business can build the right brand strategy, it can reap huge revenues and profits, with increased sales.

Find some of the effective brand building strategies for your small business:

1. Developing the visual identity:

You must know 65% of the population are visual learners. They learn and remember via visual communication. As per the Forbes article, this is the reason that infographics rule and give better results than other content.

So, while developing a brand strategy, you have to think of creating a separate identity using colors, logo, and others that aligns with the services of your organization.

A logo is much more than an ordinary image, it differentiates your business from others. It has a visual impact, and people can recall the brand by seeing the logo itself.

Take this example:


Can you recall the brand?

Yes, all of us would!!!!!

Apple has created a brand of itself. Most of the tech geeks, even common people, would like to purchase the Apple product. This is the power of branding. Customers can immediately associate the logo with the brand and recall the latest products which they know from the brand.

2. Triggering the right emotion:

Triggering the right emotion can affect how a person remembers a thing. The way you evoke emotion in your target customers can influence their perception towards your brand. This can further help in the brand-building efforts of your organization.

As per a study by psychology today, it was found that customers will use emotions rather than the information for evaluating a brand.

Another study even found that advertising campaigns based on the emotional content are twice more successful than the advertising campaign based on rational content, i.e., (31% vs.16%)

Check the below YouTube how Lean Cuisine, a brand of frozen entrees and dinners sold in US and Canada by Nestle, used emotional trigger:

3. Aligning your website with the identity of your brand:

Conveying the identity of your brand via your website can significantly help your brand strategy.

Make sure that the website looks consistent, has meaningful content with current information, and accessible contact information. The website should look updated with clear information, as too much information can be overwhelming for the visitors.

4. A good social media presence:

Before implementing the social media strategy, you should have the answer for the below questions:

• What do you think of achieving through social media branding?
• Who is the target audience for your service?
• What message you want to send to your audience?

If you are confused about the answers then you can find the right one below:

It has been seen that social media branding makes it easy to get relevant customers into the sales funnel by making them trust your brand. The social media platforms help the consumers share their views, opinions about the brand leading to a healthy and useful interaction process with the organization.

You can post visually compelling content, with uncluttered images to make your feed a polished and coherent one. The audience on all social media platforms is different. Depending on the service of your business, you can choose the one which will help achieve your goal. For example, Twitter is more of a conversational type platform. It is regarded as one of the effective ones for sharing topics and industry news related to your brand. If you are a visual brand, then Instagram can help you to target the right audience.

Check the below image from Instagram of GoPro, an American technology which manufactures action cameras and develops mobile apps, which got many likes:

The next crucial thing which you can achieve through these platforms is you can connect with the high-profile influencers of your industry. Through online connection, you can get them to like and comment on your post, giving exposure to your brand to a wider audience.

5. Developing your brand voice:

Developing brand recognition requires consistency and repeated information. If your message seems to change very often, it might confuse the customer.

So, develop the voice describing your brand personality, which does not change very often with consistent information.

Duluth trading company, which is specialized in appealing clothing for the working population clearly mentions the benefits with the right humor.

6. Be unique and keep promises:

The most important you should be unique to stand out from your competitors. As a small business, your customers will remember you because of your unique and good service. This is how Apple, one of the innovative companies, came into existence.


Brand building is a continuous process and can take months when you see the right results. Your ongoing effort helps to build long-lasting relationships with the customers, which further helps in a steady increase in sales, and facilitating advocacy of your services to new potential customers.

As a small business, investment on the right tactics can help in building your brand and acquiring a similar reputation which a premium organization has in the market. When you win the trust of your customers, then it becomes a seamless process to attract new prospects and increase sales.