TIS Picks: 5 Top Internet of Things Videos

5 Top Videos on the Internet of Things
5 Top Videos on the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything — or whatever is it is called — all people, devices, houses, cars and other things will be connected via the Internet and communicate with each other. Here’s some videos that show you what the Internet of Things is all about and how you can use it in your own home or office. There are many more use cases and interesting talks in the theme itself, so do visit the theme itself too!

1. Amsterdam Beacon Mile

The Amsterdam Beacon Mile is a two kilometer route through Amsterdam, from the Central Station to the Marineterrein. It is lined with beacons and LoRa sensor beacons that enable developers and solution providers with a testing ground for Internet of Things applications. Imagine testing public way finding apps, tourist routes and augmenting existing apps with additional proximity data. It went live in 2015 and is a project from Glimworm who created the Internet of Things infrastructure for the city of Amsterdam.

2. Smart luxury products

IoT company Thinfilm and the world’s largest producer of spirits Daigeo have teamed up to make this cool Johnnie Walker connected whiskey bottle. The electronic sensors on this bottle can register whether a bottle has been opened, where it is in the supply chain and provide additional content (cocktail recipes for example!) to the consumers. You can see the market potential for exclusive consumer products!

3. Fresh produce monitoring

Food waste is a huge problem around the world; this video from Zest Labs even mentions that in the USA nearly thirty percent of all food products is thrown away. Zest Labs implements IoT-technology on a pallet-level. This will give the producers and retailers real-time information about the quality of the produce on the pallet, can help prioritizing and would eventually help to cut waste with 18 percent!

4. Take control of your smart home

Are you pleased with Siri? Lyrical about Alexa? Meet Daptly, a voice-controlled AND gesture-controlled digital assistant for your smart home. The technology is built into a picture frame or a mirror and allows facial recognition, which in turn leads to personalized information. Daptly incorporates Amazon Alexa and is aimed at seamlessly blending all apps and smart phone appliances into your home, making the home your interface.

5. Internet of Things security

If there’s one major issue that’s potentially hindering a large-scale adoption of IoT smart home products, is security and privacy issues. Alexa turning on the music when you’re not home, Samsung listening in on your conversations with their smart TVs and kids toys (smart? teddy bears) doing the exact same. Dojo by Bullguard might be the solution, as the security device acts as an barrier that protects the smart devices in your home. It promises to protect personal information from malware, cyber-attacks and viruses.