Expert Selection: The Roadmap To Society 3.0

Ronald van den Hoff - The Roadmap To Society 3.0

Ronald van den Hoff

Ronald van den Hoff is an entrepreneur, co-founder of, author of the book Society 3.0 and public speaker on topics like innovation, the networked organization, the collaborative economy, serendipity and sustainable economic value creation. He lives in The Netherlands.

“Joe Pine explains the next fase in economic value creation: transformation by delivering a personal experience with an educational element. Organizations have to change, as after the ‘experience’ the next step in value creation is where you start guiding your stakeholders to change, to become better in some way. To achieve this we need to stimulate serendipity, like is doing by means of the platform, connecting serendipitously people present at S2M locations.”

“Sir Kenneth Robinson is explaining why the present education system is no longer up to par and has to change dramatically to offer young people an opportunity to explore, built and be part of the roadmap to Society 3.0.”

“The American management thinker Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies about the next 10 years. In this talk “Is your company ready for the next 10 years” Jeremiah is setting the agenda and to make us understand the ‘many to many’, ‘collaborative’ or ‘sharing’ economy.”

“Move your ass! During a gathering at the Dutch Nijenrode University in 2009, C.K. Prahalad, an unequaled management thinker, showed a YouTube advertisement video, which is still popular today. Not due to the company behind the video, but due to the story told: two people are riding an escalator. The escalator suddenly stops. The two stranded people do not know what to do, except call for help and reassure each other that help is on the way.”

“It is an excellent metaphor for our times: it goes without saying that the economy will grow. We believe we can hitch a ride on the road well-travelled and take credit for it. We think that everything will right itself, but not essentially contribute to a responsible economic and social addition to value. In the YouTube video, the main characters first complain about others. They complain about overdue maintenance on the escalator, and that there should have been a lot more escalators. They look at each other helplessly, but do not want to admit they are powerless or wonder, “what should we do now that the escalator is stuck?” The solution is, of course, painfully obvious. If the escalator is stuck, you start walking, you take matters into your own hands, and you mobilize yourself! Yes, change can be scary, especially if you have gotten hold of a comfortable, plush spot. Change can be painful; in particular, if you only focus on what you can lose, and don’t look at what you can gain. And, there is so much to gain.”