TIS Picks: The 15 Most Talked-About Videos Of The Last Two Years

Most popular innovation videos
Most popular innovation videos

In June, The Innovation Station celebrated her second birthday! We’ve collected 2000 quality innovation videos in only two years. Quite a feat. So, time for a new TIS Picks! But this time, you have chosen the videos. Not us. In this collection you will find the 15 videos that were most popular on our social media accounts during the last two years.

#15: Is Singularity near? (theme: Robots & AI)

Ray Kurzweil is the author of the book The Singularity is Near, which discusses the profound social and philosophical ramifications of increased intelligence, material progress and longevity. Here he interviews late professor Marvin Minsky about artificial intelligence.

#14: The Uber for helicopters (theme: Drones)

The Chinese drone company EHANG has introduced the 184, an autonomous flying drone that can transport people. The self-driving (flying!) drone has a single seat and flies with 1.000 horsepower!

#13: The power of privacy (theme: Unsorted)

In this short documentary, winner of the British Animation Awards 2016, Aleks Krotoski explores the challenges of digital life in the 21st century: stalking, hacking, leaked documents, open data and continuous monitoring.

#12: World Economic Forum on living to a 100+ (theme: Unsorted)

This World Economic Forum discussion, organized in partnership with TIME, revolves around the question: ‘What if you’re still alive in 2100?’. What indeed will be the impact on life, love and work if you could live to 150 (or forever)?

#11: What if we helped refugees to help themselves? (theme: Refugees)

Professor Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at the Oxford University, Alexander Betts, debunks five myths about refugees during TEDxVienna and hopes to shed more light on misconceptions and facts around this issue.

#10: Streaming content made easy (theme: Gadgets)

With the MOVI camera from Freefly Systems you get the multi-camera experience with just one camera. The 6 millimeter camera with a 150 degrees lens is aimed at providing quality video content via live streaming. And the best thing is, you can operate it via smartphone.

#9: Marketing strategies of the great (theme: Disruptors)

Professor in Marketing & Branding Strategies at the NYU School of Business, Scott Galloway, discusses the Big Four (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon), their victims and their billion dollar marketing strategies.

#8: Herding cowboy robot (theme: Robots & AI)

This so-called Swagbot from the University of Sydney is a robotic cowboy that actually herds cattle! The battery-operated robot can even operate in rugged terrain and move as fast as 20 kilometers per hour on smooth terrain. The team is now researching monitoring services for the robot, to detect health issues in cattle or detect good pasture.

#7: Importance of design for Airbnb (theme: Sharing Economy)

The team from High Resolution interviews Katie Dill (Director of Experience Design, Airbnb) about the importance of design for Airbnb. Design is not just about how it looks, but also about how it works, both in the workplace and on the screen.

#6: Digitalization & Refugees (theme: Refugees)

In this 2016 DLD Conference talk, Techcrunch editor Mike Butcher explains his Techfugees initiative. He is joined by IT expert Anke Domscheit-Berg, social entrepreneur Paula Schwarz and founder of ReDiSchool Anne Kjaer Riechert to discuss global interconnectivity as a tool for refugees.

#5: Doodling with machine learning (theme: Robots & AI)

AutoDraw by Google helps turn your doodles into recognizable images with machine learning. You simply draw some easy lines and the artificial intelligence immediately starts matching your doodle with free professional images (animations) from artists.

#4: Blockchain protection of intellectual property (theme: Blockchain)

Masha McConaghy explains the idea behind the Berlin-based startup Ascribe.io. The software provides a Blockchain-based service which helps artists to prove origin, manage and protect intellectual property rights to their digital art.

#3: Robot falconry (theme: Drones)

This drone catching system by the Human-Interactive Robotics Lab (HIRoLab) at the University of Michigan is referred to as ‘robotic falconry’. The prototype is able to intercept and physically remove intruding drones from designated areas.

#2: Tackling climate change (theme: Energy)

Energy expert and author Ramez Naam sat down for an interview with Fast Moving Targets during the 2016 Singularity University The Netherlands Summit. He discusses climate change with Johan Schaap (FMT) and several sustainable energy solutions.

#1: The future of work (theme: Finance)

Venture capitalist Albert Wenger discusses the future of work with Dominik Wichmann during 2016 DLD Conference. It’s interesting to see why he, being a VC, believes in a basic income. A system which according to him is going to be affordable.


This is the end of our #TISis2 list. It was awesome sharing this with you, fans of innovation. In the coming year we’ll keep working on our website and share even more videos, innovative projects and cool stuff! Keep posted on the latest developments and sign up for our weekly newsletter.