S2M Review: 2017 Interviews

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

This was an amazing and intense year, full of serendipity! From the serendipitous encounters, we made tons of inspiring and amazing interviews. Here are some of them for you to remember 2017 in Seats2meet.

The most read: Loes LeBlanc

The most read interview of the year was with a coworker from Meet Berlage. Loes LeBlanc is a mom of three girls. SheĀ is training to cross the English Channel next summer to raise awareness for a good cause. In Meet Berlage she met Mark Koolen, the filmmaker who created an amazing and short film about her story.

Read the interview with Loes LeBlanc.Ā 

For those looking for a change: We Are Digital Nomads

More and more people have jobs that allow them to work from anywhere. From those kinds of jobs, a whole new lifestyle was born, those are the digital nomads. We Are Digital Nomads is a Dutch couple who started a creative agency together and are traveling the world supporting other digital nomads and telling their stories.

Read the interview with We Are Digital Nomads.

Tons of inspiration: Rehema Nsanyiwa

This year we met Reheme Nsanyiwa, she wants to start the first Permanent Future Lab in Uganda. She overcame poverty and now runs GirlBe, a foundation for every girl who is growing up in the same condition as her, to help them with go on with their education and get where they want to be.

Read the interview with Rehema NsanyiwaĀ 

The last of 2017: Abundance Amsterdam

We are meeting people until the very last moment. The last interview of 2017 was with Huub and Thomas, from the newest Seats2meet location in Amsterdam: Abundance. Thomas and Huub tell their stories, where the idea of Abundance came from, where they are going in 2018 and a great new year message.

If you want to read more interviews click here, and comment here if you know anyone we should interview and spread the story! We are ready for all the amazing people 2018 brings us. Happy new year everyone and thank you for keeping up with us in 2017.