Snappcar wants your car – while you are not using it


If you are Dutch you probably already heard about SnappCar. The no-longer startup had a good start by breaking the internet with their crowdfunding campaign that hit amazing 500 thousand euros. The company is a big player in the sharing economy. Their vision is reducing the number of cars drastically in Europe. How? By having the people sharing their cars while not using them.

The average driver uses their car only 1 hour per day. That leaves the other 23 hours of the day for renting your car and getting the expenses of it back. You can calculate the amount of money you can make by renting your car here. By doing it you help their goal of transforming the 250 million cars there are in Europe into 5 million by 2022. Besides helping your bank account, you will consequently help the world by reducing CO2. Not to mention driving our world into a more conscious economy, and what we call Society 3.0.

So if you have a car that spends most of the day parked, put it to use at And be aware that right now the company works only in the Netherlands, but it is expanding through Europe as their ambitions are big.