Seats2Meet Promotes Longtime Lead Programmer Wouter van Nigtevegt to CTO and Partner


Seats2Meet is proud to announce that former lead programmer Wouter van Nigtevegt has been named as the company’s new Chief Technical Officer and partner.

NETHERLANDS – July 25, 2018 – Starting in the Dutch city Utrecht as a small meeting space called Meeting Plaza, the co-working ecosystem Seats2Meet (S2M) has grown in a number of ways. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product range, number of employees, as well as the global network of co-working locations and meeting spaces that have implemented our services. S2M’s lead programmer Wouter van Nigtevegt is an integral part of this success, acting as a catalyst in the company’s exponential growth for 22 years.

Now, Seats2Meets is pleased to announce that van Nigtevegt has become the company’s new CTO, and will also join founders Ronald van den Hoff and Marielle Sijgers as an official partner and shareholder.

Wouter’s journey with S2M began while he was studying communication management at the Digital Academy in Utrecht. At the time, the skilled programmer worked an internship at Meeting Plaza Utrecht, launching the website for the still-active S2M co-working space. Once his internship was complete, he was invited to stay onboard and work for the company full-time, expanding his knowledge in web development and helping S2M build numerous products.

Starting in the ‘90s, van Nigtevegt has helped develop nearly every product that has stemmed from the S2M ecosystem, from the earliest reservation systems for Meeting Plaza to the new S2M Passport, which is a comprehensive business management tool that connects over 60,000 professionals in the S2M coworking network.

At the moment, van Nigtevegt will continue to develop new features for the S2M Passport, working to personalize the platform for each individual user. Other goals include refining the check-in process for everyone, and also create more features that focus on collaborative efforts, allowing users to easily join together on certain projects or subjects.

He also plans to expand the S2M Passport Q&A feature, utilizing questions to create job boards and allow users to find new professional opportunities across the S2M ecosystem. And of course, as a programmer, van Nigtevegt is also constantly thinking of ways to improve the system’s backend, enhancing the user interface and making to product run smoother for both hosts and users.  

As for the future of S2M, van Nigtevegt sees the platform as a pathway for professionals to collaborate and grow their business and themselves.

“A lot of my vision is based on Ronald’s trendwatching. Based on them we see where Seats2meet should go, what are the next features we want to create and the role we want it to play. Right now I see Seats2meet as a great facilitator for connections and empowering people on getting new assignments and growing professionally,” he explains.

In the longterm, the new CTO and partner hopes to see a platform that places our digital identities all in a singular place. This is why S2M has a long-term plan to implement blockchain technology into the S2M Passport, which van Nigtevegt believes would be a great solution to maintain profiles and share specific information with different services and networks.

If you want to learn more about Wouter van Nigtevegt and his history with Seats2Meet, check out our interview with the new CTO and partner here!

About Seats2meet: Seats2meet is a Dutch coworking organization that creates online coworking tools that are inspired by the philosophy of Society 3.0. Products and services are created to provide a virtual space for people to connect, work together and share knowledge. In 2007, the S2M coworking ecosystem started with just 20 freelancers. Since then, it has expanded to more than 200 locations worldwide with 60,000 professionals that offer thousands of distinct skills between them.

Centered around the Passport, S2M tools function as an online booking platform for meeting-, cowork- and office space in exchange for social capital and/or monetary capital. The platform aims to connect people based on their shared interests and field of work, enabling users to request help from the vast coworking ecosystem.

The S2M coworking ecosystem is operated through a network of locations and a diverse group of coworkers, all of whom have specialized skills that can be utilized by other members. Thus, the mission of S2M is to link professionals with one another so that they can support themselves and each other through collaboration and contribution.

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This article was written by Tyler Koslow