Why your Seats2meet profile is never 100% done


When you work at a Seats2meet location, you create a profile to book your workspace. No news so far, right? Right. Do you know why we ask you to do that? No, we don’t do it because we want your data. Now that’s news! So why do we ask you to complete your profile with what you are working on and your skills and knowledge? It has all to do with the way of work in Society 3.0. Let me explain.

Society 3.0

As you can see from the drawing I took from the book the Serendipity Machine, by Sebastian Olma, Society 1.0 was the industrial revolution, when the institutions would impose something to the individual and the same wouldn’t be able to reply. In our society, the Society 2.0, we were introduced to the internet, and now we can react on institutions. Here is an example of how that happens.

The Lego Case

Lego, the toy company with the classic building blocks, smartly saw the potential of the crowd that through ideas to them via social media and e-mails. From that perception, they launched Lego Ideas, an online community where anyone can submit their ideas for a Lego project, and vote for them. The projects with 10 thousand supporters are produced and distributed by Lego. That’s only one of many examples of crowdsourcing in Society 2.0. In this case, Lego crowdsourced their Research and Development. Genius, right? So what’s the future?

We all are institutions and individuals

In Society 3.0, where we are already entering, decentralization rules. That means that instead of having two lines of communication with institutions, one coming and one going back, everyone will be an institution and an individual. The result of that? Trillions of simultaneous lines of communication. Sounds like chaos, right? We already see that happening with the increasing amount of freelancers and self-employed workers.

Every worker on Society 3.0 has their own network, and everyone in this network has another network, and so it goes. The possibilities are almost infinite and what connects people are ideas. Ideas which become projects that become a reality, just like with Lego Ideas.

Building a Society 3.0 in Seats2meet

In Society 3.0, which can also happen nowadays, when someone has an idea they need to find the people who would work with them on that, so it becomes a project and then, finally a reality. Finding the right people is what Seats2meet facilitates through the Serendipity Machine, and that’s why your profile will never be 100% complete.

The Serendipity Machine works with an Artificial Intelligent algorithm to match people with the people that are relevant at that time. That means you have to keep updating what you are working on today, what you are expecting to find and what are your skills and knowledge you want to be known for. To see your matches and chat with everyone around you download the Serendipity Machine app.

You can learn more about Society 3.0 in the video below or you can read the book for free here. Enjoy!