S2M Festival: Climate Planet Utrecht

Climate Planet Utrecht

Last Friday, November 2nd, Seats2Meet Festival: Climate Planet took place at Seats2Meet.com CS Utrecht. The goal of the event was not to just educate the participant on the adverse effects of the climate change, but also to facilitate a discussion on the topic. This would allow to think of new creative solutions to mitigate the negative influences of the issue.

The festival started of with a presentation by Bart Aupers from Kromkommer. The company produces biological soups, which are made from the vegetables which are considered not attractive enough to be sold in the supermarkets and would otherwise be disregarded as waste. Kromkommer gives them a second chance by transforming them in organic high-quality soups. As a result, they help to reduce carbon dioxin emissions associated with excessive vegetable production.

After that, 2 other entrepreneurs, Daan Wolthuis and Joost Kanenn, presented their stories about how their activities help achieving 17 Global Goals. Daan is active in the field of eco-tourism. Soon he starts building Blue Dot eco-hostel in the jungles of Columbia, which is set to become a new standard for eco-tourism. Joost is a European energy expert in the field of climate change. He educated the audience on the effect of the EU emissions trading, about which he wrote his book ‘Carbon Trading & Pricing’.

As presentations came to an end, the attendees walked together to the planet installation at the Central Station, which is also a movie theatre. The movie presented in great detail the negative effects of climate change. It depicted the largest climate problems existing throughout the world. This presentation provided an invaluable input for the further discussion in the audience. After the movie, all of the participants got together to discuss the problems at hand and try to figure out the ways in which each individual can contribute and to create more sustainable present and future. Therefore, the evening came to an end with some drinks and inspiring conversation, motivating the participants to take matters in their own hands and work together towards solving common problems.