Winner of the “Architecture Nobel” Releases Popular Housing Projects for Free


The 2016 Pritzker prize – considered the nobel of architecture – winner, the chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, has released four of his most famous popular housing projects for free. That means they can be used and adapted freely by anyone who is interested in doing so, in other words: open source.

Aravena announced it on a debate with other awards winners at the United Nations HQ in New York. He believes that architects have to work together to find solutions for problems migration waves that has happening all over the world.

The projects, which are what is called “incremented” phase, are available to free download on the Aravena’s architecture firm called Elemental. The drafts offer a basic notion to build the low cost houses.

According to his firm, until 2020, 1 billion people will be living in cities and will be below poverty line. That means that governments will need to create popular housing in a massive scale.

The architecture hopes that his initiative shows politic leaders and the market that popular housing is not expensive, and that is goes as an inspirations to other architectures around the world. Watch Alejandro Aravena in an interview where he approaches the architecture role in social causes.