Your own living room, kitchen table or spare desk; share them as a co-working space!


Seats2meet for locals is a new concept we are building to open up the doors in your neighbourhood, to give you the opportunity to work at more and different places. Seats2meet for locals is a “whole new adventure of coworking” as Esmee van Keuren, one of the hosts of Seats2meet for locals, describes.

Receiving people in your own house or office gives you the opportunity of building new relations, creating ideas and helping each other out.

The concept is a great opportunity to make connections in towns and open up doors. Why not working a few blocks down the street? Or even in the same street?

Three locations are already happily active and welcoming coworkers. You can view their locations and book a seat right here:

House with a view 
Het stadshuisje

But… we need more of these great-local-locations!

Would you like to receive some extra knowledge, “gezelligheid”, network and inspiration just at your own place?

Add your location and start hosting amazing people at your own living room.
In this video you see how easy it is to make your own location.

We noticed that many people like the idea, but have some doubts about making their own location… that’s why I summed up some frequently ask questions here for you:

10 questions that help you start your Seats2meet for locals adventure!

1. What do I need at my location?

Working wifi and a happy face, noting more.
You are the host. You decide what you want to offer.
We advice you to offer your’e abundance. Your’e kitchen table, you’re knowledge and you’re passion! This is how it stay’s fun for you to host and receive people in you’re house.

2. What are the terms and conditions for my location? 

You find all the terms and conditions at here.
But don’t worry, we don’t ask crazy terms and conditions.

3. Can everyone start a location?

Yes! Everyone with the space to host someone. You can be super creative with the space. We already had massage and ping pong tables to offer. You are your own host. You make the rules. We do expect you to have working wifi.
Seats2meet for locals offers you a whole new experience of co working. Go on this adventure and experience it for yourself.

4. Can I first have contact with my visitors? 

You can. If a user makes a reservation at your location they receive a message that they have to wait for your confirmation. If you go to location management and to accept bookings, you can see all your’e requests for reservations, see their profile and contact them.

5. Can I ask a price if I offer lunch/coffee and tea? 

You are your own host. This is your decision. From experience we noticed this goes really natural. Because you’re so “close” to each other you can talk with each other about lunch plans. And of course you can ask money for the use of coffee and tea. Be open and talk with each other about what you expect.

6. How do I book a seat at S2M for Locals? 

Go to and choose a S2M for Locals location.

7. What’s in it for me?

Receive massive knowledge, network, inspiration and fun in your own living room!
Open your doors and you will start connecting, collaborating and growing; together.
Share your abundance and share your knowledge, this is how you make from your home a new super relevant place to meet and more.

8. Can I be flexible?

Of course! You can be as flexible as you want. Change your opening hours and make exceptions for dates you are not available. Add a time limit so you receive bookings a specific time frame in advance. Go to location management and add a reservation need to be confirmed time limit.

9. Why are people sharing their house?

Different reasons. To share their abundance and knowledge, to meet, connect and share. But also to let their network grow. To have some extra brains around the table, to chat, help each other out, discover the neighbourhood, experience a different way of co working, learn and more…

10. What are the tasks of a host?

-You like to share your abundance

-You are able to use a computer/tablet/smartphone to receive reservations and to make your own location

-You are enjoying this new coworking adventure!

-That’s it. You are working at home, but you just receive some extra brains and hands to work together on your own projects.


Start your location now,
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More questions?
Ask me: Nynke@seats2meet.comphoto_2016-10-24_10-15-11