What to watch after Black Mirror season 3?


Last weekend the third season of the ~kind~ sci-fi show Black Mirror was released on Netflix. For those who never heard of it, every episode portraits a different possible scenario for the future. Why do I call it kind of sci-fi? Because each of the scenarios are not  far from what we have now. They are about a subtile exaggeration of a feature that already exists as AI, augmented reality or even the reputation systems most of the sharing economy companies use.

It is both scary and exciting. If you haven’t watch it, all the 3 seasons are available on Netflix. If you passed the last weekend binge watching – as I might have or not have done – here are some suggestions of movies and shows that can actually become reality in the future.


Yesterday in a conversation at S2M Utrecht we started talking about avatars and how those are evolving. We use it for practically everything and the movie starred by Bruce Willis takes it to the extreme. In an earth where 98% of the population stays at home while their avatars roam the streets someone starts to question how great that actually is.


The new prime time show from HBO is in its first season and already conquered millions of fans. The show doesn’t reveal when in time the story occurs, all we know it is a wild west theme park, where all the characters are 3D printed with human tissue AI robots. Obviously the show starts when anormal things start happening with the robots.


Ok, this is obviously not a list with the newest releases. If that’s what you are looking for I am sorry to disappoint. The thing with Interstellar is that it definitely worth to watch it again. It approaches the possible future extinction, our search for a new home in an infinite universe and quantum physics, all with the help of AI robots and unknown beings from other dimensions. I mean, what else you want?

The Martian

We are in the beginning of a new space race and the destination is Mars. The Martian, with Matt Damon, is a light movie about an astronaut that gets stuck in the red planet and has to survive its harsh condition. Funny and instructive!


Another light movie with a lot of reflection. A mobile company launches an AI personal assistant, the main character creates his own with his own preferences. After a while millions of people start falling in love with those personal assistants and the reaction of the society and the AI’s itself makes the movie fantastic.

Robot and Frank

I haven’t watch this one yet, but heard it awesome! Will watch it now. Bye!