Letter from the editor

Photo by Thomas Bremer
Dear reader,
Before you go on to read all the content in this online magazine, I would like to tell you a story, my story. Two years ago I was working at MTV Brasil at the time as an assistant producer, but in my spare time, I would research about all the changes going on in the world. You see, from where I stood back then, in a company with 10 thousand employees, the world outside seemed to be moving at the speed of light, and I was missing that. That made me restless.
I would read about digital nomads, self-employed people, all the innovations going on, and I wasn’t a part of that. By luck, I didn’t have much to lose. Being young (22 years) and at the beginning of my career, I still had all the flexibility required for a change. So I started shouting to the universe all of my wishes, and without fail, the cosmos answered. I met one person that introduced me to two more people, and suddenly I was in the middle of the hurricane.
With lots of new contacts and exciting projects in my sight, I started devoting all my free time to the work that I wanted to be doing. One of them was a bar in São Paulo called le Basquiat, which had a great location and a stunning garden they couldn’t use during the night. There, my new friends and I set out space where artists could come to work, experiment, connect and show their work – that’s where I got my third tattoo – in no time the garden was full. And because of that, the bar was packed during the night, and then I discovered the power of social capital.
But the universe didn’t stop there. I still had to work full time at MTV because all that I was doing didn’t generate money yet, which wasn’t that much of problem, as I also like my job there, but it was the time for a change. That’s when Seats2meet came in the picture. A Dutch concept that mastered the art of balancing social and monetary capital, but ten years before I ever experienced the value of it. One of their co-founders, Ronald van den Hoff, wrote a book called Society 3.0, in those pages, I found everything that I saw happening in that world moving at the speed of sound. That’s how this Brazilian that writes to you moved to the Netherlands.
For the last two years, I have been working as a content producer for Seats2meet, In that time I published more than 250 articles. My ultimate goal since I was at MTV was to be part of the change that is happening and empower other people to do the same, to together participate and shape the Society 3.0. Every cell in my body believes that this where the world is walking towards, and it is our job, of the people who are already there, to show the way for the people who want to be here, but might not know how. That is my purpose, that is what I strive to do.
I hope you enjoy your reading time and if you would like to share your content in this magazine just e-mail me at beatriz@seats2meet.com.