Interview with Anne from Thuisafgehaald


You might have heard about Thuisafgehaald, the platform that allows neighbors to share their leftovers while getting back some groceries money. But as many companies lately, they found out that their platform could do more. The people who would share their food now have the option to help vulnerable people as an elderly and physically impaired individual to lead a more independent life. Anne tells us how they saw that potential and measured the impact created by it.

Hello Anne, could you explain us a bit about the concept of thuisafgehaald?

At Thuisafgehaald you can share your home cooked food with your neighbor. Each day there are hundreds of people who share their meals with each other. You to the website, fill in your address and see what meals you can pick up. If you can’t pick up the food, because of a disability, for example, we can search for a cook nearby who can bring it to you. Each portion is fresh and cooked with love by someone nearby!

You really get to know more people in your neighborhood by sharing food.

Here’s a short video about how Thuisafgehaald works.  

You don’t only facilitate neighbors sharing food, but you also match vulnerable people with other that can support them, how did that start?

It all started with this elderly lady, Mrs. Bos. She called me and asks ‘do you bake some bread’? I told her that I don’t and that she was calling with the company Thuisafgehaald but that I could help her looking for a home cook who would love to make some bread for her.

So I did and home cook Willem had time enough to cook for her. He was in between jobs at that time and cooking is his favorite thing to do. A perfect match and a start of many more.

Because of this successful story, we decided to give more people the change to receive a fresh meal and a little bit attention from someone around. And the best of all, you only have to pay the groceries. So the average price of a meal is € 4,50.

I’ve written about the story of Mrs. Bos, it’s in Dutch but it’s a nice read if you want to know more.

I know that you got some great results out of it! Could you share some of them?
You can find most of the results in this nice infographic.

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I will pick out some:

  • People can live longer at their own house because of the meals they get delivered by the home cook. Otherwise, they had to live in an elderly home sooner.
  • Less pressure on caregivers
  • People have more connections in their neighborhood and are less lonely.
  • “Because of the contact with my home cook Annemiek, I feel less client and more human”.

And how did you measure them?
This research is done by Avance impact. An independent research agency who measured the impact of 5 matches between home cooks and the vulnerable people.

What are the next steps for thuisafgehaald?
The next big, giant step is to rebuild the whole platform. We have grown these couple of years but the platform didn’t change a lot and is a little bit outdated. We hope to optimize it to a more user-friendly platform.  

How can people participate?
Go to and register yourself. You get the meals from your neighbor in your email automatically and if you would like to cook, you can add a meal anytime you want. Do you know someone who can use a home cook that brings the food? Look for a home cook nearby on this page:

Need any help? I’ll be there for you: