A Bangladeshi startup is ready to challange Raspberry Pi?


Startups are meant to solve our problems. Remember I talked about how a Pakistani startup turned my childhood vision into reality. Now it’s a Bangladeshi startup named Jadupc who solved the biggest problem of my life as a social entrepreneur working in the rural areas. Jadupc means PC of magic. Do they deserve to hold such a name? Let’s find out.

But first, let’s talk about what I face as biggest challenges to run s2m,Bangladesh activities. It’s computer, electricity and wellforce. Our government already solved the electricity problem but computers are still a big fact. It’s costly, heavy to carry and needs to be repaired once in a while. How Jadupc helps? And how is it a better option than the most famous Raspberry PI?

Here are some key things you need to know about Jadupc

JaduPC is an innovative startup dedicated to transforming the way people interact with technology by providing cheap and portable computers priced within an astonishingly budget-friendly range of just 5000 Bangladeshi Taka which is less than 50 Euros. With a mission to bridge the digital divide and make computing accessible to all, JaduPC aims to empower individuals, students, and small businesses with the tools they need to excel in today’s digital age.

Affordable excellence

JaduPC understands that traditional computers can be prohibitively expensive for many, limiting access to valuable educational resources, career opportunities, and personal development. By prioritizing affordability without compromising performance, JaduPC has developed a cutting-edge line of low-cost computers that offer impressive capabilities.

Compact and portable design

At the core of JaduPC’s vision lies the belief that computing should not be confined to a desk. The company’s products boast sleek, lightweight, and highly portable designs, enabling users to carry their computing power wherever they go. Whether it’s a student studying on the move, a professional working remotely, or an individual seeking entertainment on the go, JaduPC ensures seamless portability.

Empowering education

JaduPC acknowledges that education is the key to personal growth and societal progress. They have partnered with educational institutions and organizations worldwide to offer specially tailored packages to students and educators. These packages include productivity tools, software suites, and learning resources that enrich the learning experience without breaking the bank. Very soon Jadupc will replace all the windows PCs in our seats2meet locations. 

OS and overall experience

Because we are accustomed to the outdated eco-system, they made it so close to Windows while being built on Linux. When their CTO informed me that they have a refresh toggle as well, I laughed. I used the PC to play, and it worked well and completed the task. The best part about browsing was that the baby version of  Chrome browser (Chromium) launched in less than 4 seconds. My windows PC used to take ages to launch Chrome, as far as I remember. Powerpoint and Doc files opened as normal, typing was very fluent, I saw no lagging whatsoever. 

Impact on society:

JaduPC envisions a future where everyone, regardless of their economic background, can harness the power of computing. By breaking down the barriers that have traditionally separated people from technology, JaduPC’s affordable and portable computers promise to empower individuals, bridge gaps, and foster digital inclusivity. I used to crowdfund to buy a computer for kids. Guess what, now you can add value by sharing a computer spending less than 50 euros only. I will talk to the team so that they have an option where I can share a pc to an organisation or movement like PFLab. I will personally send some units to my friend in Uganda and Kenya. Already sent, they have a Raspberry Pi to play with. Now it’s time for Jadupc. 

How is it better than Raspberry PI?

Well Raspberry Pi is a legendary innovation. I used to make a computer with it back in 2017. Not only that, Raspberry Pi can be used in many projects. But when it time to use it as a computing device, I have faces problems such as lack of ports and it can be tricky for many. Jadupc is plug and play device. Their own Shopno OS is installed. You connect a monitor and good to go. Also, for Raspberry PI, you need to buy additional memory cards as storage, JaduPC got it built. And come on, it’s a Bangladeshi product, I will be kinda biased anyway. 

In conclusion, JaduPC is more than just a startup. With a great team and mentality it is a trailblazing force in the realm of affordable and portable computing. By revolutionizing the way computers are priced and designed, JaduPC is making remarkable strides toward a world where technology knows no boundaries, all while keeping the cost within reach for everyone.