A Pakistani startup turned my childhood vision into reality

Fahad, Mixeal and the banner

Startups all over the world are addressing our daily issues and solving the problems. But how many of them genuinely make our ideas or visions come true? Well, it was done for me by a Pakistani startup founded by a twin brother.

Hello, my name is Fahad Bin Husne Ali, and I run the seats2meet Bangladesh location as a small part of the seats2meet network. And, as you may have guessed, I’m from Bangladesh.

Now, you might be wondering how a Pakistani startup and a Bangladeshi boy are connected. Welcome to the global village, where technology allows us to communicate with one another over any boundary or barrier.

Before I tell you the tale, I’d like to give you some background on Bangladesh and Pakistan so you can understand why being linked to Pakistani people is so significant to me.

Before 1971, Bangladesh and Pakistan were one country, but after a 9-month liberation struggle, we became a separate entity on the map. And we’ve been hating Pakistan for 50 years because of their genocide. You’ve heard of combat casualties, rapes, and murders.

However, after I had an internet connection, I began looking for Pakistani individuals to chat to. I’ve always felt that decent individuals may be found wherever. And, despite our differences and clashes, it is my basic belief that we should love everyone.

Let’s go back to the context of the story

Every day of my childhood felt like I was running. My father used to be a salesperson for a firm. And, because his employer used to move him to different cities for employment, we all had to shift to keep up with him. Because we never lived in the same cities for long periods of time, I never had any good pals. On the field, I’ve always wanted to play alongside boys. For a long time, I disliked my life and my family because of this.

I was fantasizing about games in which I could play cricket alone. I’ve always liked and wanted to play cricket, much like other South Asian kids. If you want to learn more about cricket, visit the Wikipedia page.

In any case, playing cricket without a partner was never a viable option for me.  I started watching television and reading books as a recreational activity.

In contrast, cricket was my genuine passion and my one true love. Now that I’m married, I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to say anything like this.

My desire to play cricket never faded. I wanted to play cricket on the computer like everyone else, but we couldn’t even buy food at that point in life. After a few years, I purchased a smartphone and began playing cricket games on it, which I found to be uninteresting.

Then one day, I was introduced to the virtual reality world. People can virtually experience anything with VR, as I’ve seen. After 16 years, my childhood image begins to click in my head.

Is it possible to play cricket in virtual reality? Will it have the same effect?

It was only possible for me to experience it through virtual reality.

One day, my friend and Seats2meet surprised me with a virtual reality headset.

I discovered that there are cricket games that can be played in virtual reality! Imagine you’ve been dreaming and hoping for something your whole life, and now you’re going to get your wish.

On the App lab store, I purchased an app called The Final Overs. It’s as if I’m really batting and someone else is bowling on the opposite side. When striking the ball, you must have excellent timing and force. Overall, the mix of physics, animation, and virtual space were fantastic. The game was well-made by the startup. You may see a video of The Final Overs gameplay on YouTube.

Let’s talk about the startup that made it

Mixeal is the name of the company. They develop virtual reality games and offer services handled by twin brothers named Hallar Azad and Walhar Gohar.

Twin Brother, Hallar Azad and Walhar Gohar in a photo together

Another interesting piece of information is that I had no idea Mixeal’s CEO was already on my facebook friend list. In a video conference with the CEO, I discovered that we share similar struggles when it comes to cricket. I didn’t have any buddies to play with, and he didn’t have any room to play in. The CEO also said that he wanted to play in large stadiums with large audiences. Of course, that’s not feasible for everyone, so he made it possible by developing the app.

Can Final Overs like VR apps create impact?

Because of the pandemic, all playgrounds have been closed, and parents are concerned about sending their children to play. Sitting at home depresses the majority of children and adults. Having something to play with is very important. This kind of game, which requires body motions, may help with fitness issues and is quite similar to exercising. Maybe it’s the new normal for us now.

Would you like to try the app? Would you like to experience cricket in VR? Email me for the free passcode to the game as a gift, which in the store costs you 14.99 USD. The first 2 people will get the opportunity.

Thanks for reading,
See you in the next blog.

Fahad Bin Husne Ali,
Location Manager,
Seats2meet, Bangladesh.