Let’s talk about freelance economy


A quick view on freelance economy for those who are trying to understand its massive growing around the world

This article is for you that is trying to understand how and why the freelance economy is having a massive growing and also is expected to grow even more in the next years.

Yes, new times – for the workers around the world – are coming. But we can observe some changes already. One reason for it? Crisis.

This little word reached the world with The Great Recession, from 2000 to 2010. Each country had a different impact. In United States, for example, between 2007 and 2009 the media showed to the globe the hard economic period. For Europe, from 2009 until now we can note a difficult economic situation. Brazil is facing it right now and many other countries as well.

But what should be something terrify turned the ‘bad guy’ into the ‘hero’ for the workforce somehow. With no big expectations for new jobs, many professionals that were unemployed just looked to their own skills and starts to work on what they could, in a self-employed style.

Besides, there are few more reasons that explains why the freelance is getting more common:

  • Technology: New online platforms to show freelance projects and hire freelancers, which allows the user to make global contact are helping the professionals.
  • Genaration Y: Young professionals of Gen Y are getting more susceptible to work in a flexible style. In United Kingdom, for example, 87% of the graduates says that to be an independent worker is attractive.
  • Internet: Social media help freelancers to connect each other. In addition, they can make their personal marketing trough Facebook and Instagram, for example.
  • Sharing Economy: Coworking spaces, for example, are the solution for the independent professional that works at home and don’t have a space for meetings, or to improve the networking face to face.

So, would you hire a professional that works remotely by his, or her, own? Or even better: would you be this professional? If you have doubts yet, just take a look at the numbers:




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