Kumu is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work remotely


Opportunity via weworkremotely

Bootstrapped data viz platform that helps people understand complex relationships, primarily through network, systems, and stakeholder maps. We’ve spent the past five years refining Kumu’s visualization platform and we’re embarking on our next phase: developing a suite of products that utilize Kumu’s technology on top of other platforms (such as Slack and Salesforce) while doubling down on our efforts to make Kumu the premier platform for understanding complicated relationships and tackling complex problems.
We’re currently working with some of the world’s top organizations including The Omidyar Group, Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, USAID, Stanford ChangeLabs, 100Kin10, Democracy Fund, World Bank, Humanity United and more.
  • Full-time remote position
  • Salary $60-80k
  • Stack: react, redux, rails, webgl, webpack/babel, aws, git/github, IE11+
  • Bonus points for experience with: graphs/networks, couchdb, elasticsearch, redis, d3
You’re probably a great fit if:
  • You’re a talented web developer (both frontend and backend)
  • You’ve mastered multiple programming languages and frameworks
  • You’ve built and maintained a complex library, single page web app, or product
  • You work well setting your own priorities and working with lots of freedom
  • You’re excited about (or at least don’t mind getting dragged into) snowboarding in Bend, rock climbing in Utah, surfing in Costa Rica, or whitewater rafting in Colorado.
On a day-to-day basis you’ll be working with Ryan (@rymohr) and Dan (@danprince). You’ll be involved throughout the entire development process, from initial brainstorms and sketching to the final stages of testing and release. We move fast and ship often, and try to break work into weekly deliverables to keep everyone’s expectations and progress in check. We do a hangout at the beginning of each week to reconnect and revisit everyone’s immediate priorities.
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