We played Jori to connect our team, and here is how it went


Last week, Ants, from Enspiral was at the Social Impact Factory. As we spoke about all the awesome stuff that is happening around the world, Ants told me about a Brazilian guy who moved to Berlin and had a hard time connecting with people. As Joriam (the Brazilian guy) is a creative guy who designs game, he decided to create a game for people who want authentic connections. The game is made to escape the ‘what do you do? Where are you from?’ script. And it does this superbly.

Here is how the game, called Jori, works. You have 40 cards. 20 with weird questions and 20 with profound questions. Finally, to test it, I asked two of my colleagues, Lenneke and Nynke, to play it with me. And here is what we found out about each other.

Nynke’s profound questions

Describe your dream house in four sentences.

Nynke: close to the beach, tiny, close to friend and family and with a lot of natural light.

Nynke’s weird question

If you were a magic potion, what would your effect be? What kind of person would seek a potion like you?

Nynke: Hmm, I would be a portion with a lot of glitters!

Lenneke: Would you make the person who drinks it sparkle?

Nynke: Yes!

Me: I want that potion!

Lenneke: Ok, so I would give you Nynke’s potion.

Me: 😁✨

My weird question

You suddenly transformed into a magical alarm clock. How do you wake people up? Why that way?

Me: *after tons of thinking* I think I would wake them up with an achievement from someone close to them. Something they could congratulate the person for, and at the same time you already wake up more optimistic and inspired.

My profound question

If you could destroy one thing for good, what would that thing be? What does this accomplish?

Lenneke: I would destroy… oops, is that your question?

Me: It is, but you can also reply to it.

Lenneke: I will go after you!

Me: Ok, I think I would destroy that myth that makes people believe they will be happy if they have more than the other people.

Lenneke: So, greed?

Me: Yes! I would destroy greed.

Lenneke: I was going to say that! But as you would destroy greed, then I can destroy power play.

Nynke: But doesn’t power come from greed?

Me: I agree.

Nynke: I feel bad now. I was going to say mosquitos.

Me: *after a lot of laughing* well, now that you mentioned it…

Lenneke: Yeah, we already took care of greed and power play, you can destroy mosquitos.

Lenneke’s Weird Question

You woke up, looked around and noticed you transformed into an island. Describe yourself.

Lenneke: I would be a huge playground for kids and adults. Everyone would be welcome! But instead of having fixed toys I would give everyone tools so they could make their own things. Also, the Island would have a lot of nature and have enough for everyone to live in it.

Me: That sounds nice! I would live in that Island.

Nynke: Me too!

Lenneke’s Profound Question

You can go back in time and give your parents one single piece of advice on how to raise you. What do you tell them?

Lenneke: Hm, actually I wouldn’t have anything to say. I mean, the way they raised me made me into who I am now, right? So I don’t have the need to go back in time.

Bonus question

In exactly ten sentences, describe how you think others see you.

Nynke: I think enthusiastic, energetic, maybe quiet sometimes?

Lenneke: Quiet? Really?

Nynke: Yes, I think so.

Lenneke: Wow, I never thought you like a quiet person. It’s funny the perception we have of the perception that other people have of us. With me, I think a lot of people believe that I am that good girl, always following the rules, and then I surprise them with some jokes.

Nynke: Really? I never thought of you as a strict person.

Me: Me neither.

Lenneke: Really? I see a lot of people getting shocked when I make some jokes.

Nynke: Yes, that’s a funny thing that happens when we get close to some people. Then you can make nasty jokes and sometimes get surprised by what people say when they feel more comfortable with us.

Lenneke: That’s true! And you Bea?

Me: Well, I think that because of my back (I had a back surgery that makes me have a perfect posture forever) people tend to think I am always standing tall, so like…

Nynke: Yes, I see you as a confident person.

Lenneke: Me too!

Me: That’s funny because that’s not frequently the case! But I also notice that some people don’t see it as confident, but as me thinking too much of myself.

Lenneke: So, arrogant?

Me: Yes! And because I can be shy in a group I guess some people perceive me as an inaccessible person, so it’s not everyone who comes and talk to me with ease.

*reflective moment*

Lenneke: So, lunch anyone?


In the last question, we can really see that the game fulfills its purpose to connect on a deeper level. Even after working for a year together, we got to discover new things about each other, and by consequence, strengthen our connection. At the same time, balancing the profound questions with the weird ones we get a lightness to the conversation. I mean, how awesome can be that a card game can do all of that for you?

As we are developing the Serendipity Machine, which aims to create connections by making people’s skills and knowledge transparent to other people around us, we loved the game as an icebreaker to start a conversation in a great way. And if you want to acquire the game you go to their website and they will let you know when they are launching Jori’s crowd funding campaign.