How to – Live Dashboard


The S2M Live Dashboard is where you and your visit can see all the stats of your location in real time.

Why use it

  • Show your visitors the knowledge that is in the location right now
  • Show the meetings are happening today in order to create a connection between meeting spaces and the workspace lounge
  • Show the guests in-house and what they are focusing on today, so they can use it as an icebreaker
  • Show the stats and the map of the entire S2M Ecosystem, so your guests know they are connected beyond your location

How to use it

1. Buy one tv screen per floor e.g. this one
2. Buy a mobile tv standard per tv e.g. this one
3. Buy mini computers per tv, e.g. Raspberry pi 
4. Install your URL of your Data TV at the Raspberry pi’s
5. Connect the Raspberry pi’s to the TV screens
6. Show the TV’s at a visible spot


1. Buy the Desktop Projector
2. Install your URL (you can find it in the management system under tools) of your Data TV screen
3. Install the projector at a visible spot

In the video below you can see the full S2M experience, including the live dashboard.