How to Write an Article for Magazine


You have decided that you want to start writing for magazine. Amazing! We’re happy to welcome you as a part of our content team. Your writing is very important to us and helps us to keep the vibrant community and engage S2M audience with high-quality articles. Our magazine is currently read by approximately 2500 people in 86 countries each month, and with your involvement, these numbers can continue to increase even further!

  • How to contribute to S2M Magazine?

Option 1: 

You become a contributor to the magazine. Send an access request to and then you can place the blog yourself, and we publish it after a short check.

Option 2:

You send the blog which follows the guidelines we specify below to and we post it ourselves.

Partnership models

  1. Guest blogs – a blog created by you. There you can introduce yourself, tell us what you do and put links to your website and social media channels, or you can just write on a topic you like and that interests our readers. Here is an example.
  2. An interview – We send you a few questions on about who you are, what do you do, and what is your advice for our readers, you reply and we publish it! We can also insert links to your website and social media channels. Here is an example.

Guidelines for the articles

In order to create a remarkable article, there are some guidelines to follow. We will describe them to you below.

  • Add tags

The more relevant tags you add, the more likely is your article to be discovered by the people with the interest in a particular topic. The users will be connected to articles which have relevant tags for their knowledge and expertise. Therefore, add at least 3 tags to make sure the right audience gets to discover you. In addition, tags are very important for Seats2meet Passport development. The matching algorithm of the passport is dependant upon them, both tags of S2M users and tags for articles.

  • Some of the major categories 

Each article in the magazine belongs to a certain category. “Stories from the Ecosystem” – this category gives a stage to S2M team members and members of the ecosystem to tell their stories, talk about their initiatives and events and activities taking place in S2M. “Opportunities” – a place where you can share and look for exciting opportunities. “Trends”, with subcategories Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Lifestyle. These are the topics we have a great interest in at, and therefore we want to have the latest insights, research, and experts opinions. Therefore, if you’re passionate about one of these themes and want to share your knowledge with the world, wait no longer! “S2M TV” – if you’re a good video producer, this category is for you. Share your movies, interviews, and videos here.

  • Select good quality images

An image says a thousand words, and the quality of your visuals can either support your narrative or ruin it entirely. So make sure you choose an image which supports your idea, clear, light and not overloaded with unnecessary objects. Also, a resolution is very important – make sure to choose an image size of approximately 780×300 pixels.

  • Create a catchy title

The title is the first and major touchpoint with your article for your readers. It’s can be either a unique opportunity to engage with your audience or to lose it without even getting to know what you’re writing about. Therefore, think of an original and unconventional name for your piece. Try to consider – what’s the most surprising insight you’re bringing up? What would make your readers click on the article? Having a good title is almost as important to get readers to engage as having brilliant article itself, so be creative on this one!

General requirements

To sum up, your article should fulfill the following requirements:

  • A title with a max of 70 characters
  • A minimum of 200 and a maximum of 1000 words
  • A featured photo of a minimum of 780 x 300 px
  • Photos for the blog (if necessary)
  • Make sure the tags cover the intent and content of your article, so our matching software can do its magic for you!
  • If it’s your first article, send a short bio and your picture so we can credit you
  • You can also send your website and social media links for your author’s profile
  • The article can be in English or Dutch magazine is a great way for you to share your stories and/or give a stage to your location, so we hope you use this opportunity to the fullest.

Do you want to contribute? Send an email telling a bit about yourself, what you’d like to write about and an example of your writing to!

Wishing you happy writing!