Getting Started with Nikos

Concerning Nikos

I am Nikos Haliotis, 22 years old, half German half Greek. I like to travel, see new places and meet new people, listen to their stories. I am currently finishing my diploma in Management Science and Technology at Athens University of Economics and Business. For those not familiar with the terms it has to do with using technology, programming and mathematics to make better business decisions.

I really liked my time at the university. I had many interesting courses like Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, Heuristic Algorithms or Decision Making Analytics and Simulation. In this time I was part of the organisational committee of our department’s student conference in Management Science and Technology twice.

The conference, which is considered one of the top student conferences in Greece with participants and attendees from many Greek cities, is a voluntary initiative that has been happening for the last 13 years, where the students prepare the whole conference on their own, finding sponsors, speakers and scientific papers from all over Greece. All in all it was a great experience and it felt really rewarding at the day of the conference to see your work fulfilled.

As part of my studies I also did a three month internship at Stone Soup. It was a really important time for me because it took me a step further in how i see my professional life. I met people that were eager to share their knowledge with me, and it felt like my mind grew several years in a few months.

My internship duties were to manage the social media of Stone Soup and to find a way to assess the Social Impact of the company. At this point I have to explain what Stone Soup is. It is a production house founded by Klaas Speller and Olga Paraskevopoulou and a group of creative individuals working in a spacious office located in the center of Athens.

It is running on cooperation, sharing knowledge, helping one another out and giving talented young people the opportunity to work on interesting international projects. The team spirit and the togetherness of the group made me feel like I was amongst family and I wanted to be part of it from the get go. So after my internship was finished I proceeded to create the new website for Stone Soup. After that I concentrated on finishing my studies but I am ready and willing to contribute some more.

That brings us to me being in the Netherlands. I have always felt there is so much more than money in life. I believed there are things that are not measurable by monetary factors such as ideals, devotion, innovation, kindness, motivation and humanity. Values. Values that I believe Stone Soup represents as individuals and as a group.

After getting a little taste of Seats2Meet I feel like Stone Soup and Seats2Meet are companies that think alike. Society 3.0 is an idea I strongly agree with. I see it happening at Stone Soup, where people of different backgrounds and skill sets complement each other and work in harmony based on ideas and what is needed to succeed as a group.

Also we have a wider network of associates that jumps on board when needed. It is nice to find people that see the world in a similar way you do and we are eager to explore the possibilities of a potential collaboration between us.

I am looking forward to meeting exciting people, getting to know interesting ideas and promising projects, seeing new technologies getting used and visiting great locations to work and meet. I want to make the most of my time here and make this trip really worth it. Let’s get going!